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  1. They did. I have flown a Ventus with one fitted. Never tried IMC, but it looked as though it would have worked OK. Actually, I think a Bohli would not need a North/South version because of the way it works. Google it and you will see what I mean. Robert
  2. Gliders are not permitted to operate in IMC in Australia, not sure about NZ. Usually there is limited space in the panel for extra instruments anyway. Also, limited electrical power available due to having no in-flight charging system. Gliders generally run 1 or 2 small ( 7Ah or so ) batteries. Gliders don’t normally fly in poor weather and a prudent pilot won’t get in a situation like we see in the video. Robert. Glider pilot since 1972, GA since 1984.
  3. A G meter is mandatory for gliders in Australia registered in the Aerobatic category.
  4. Both Lycosaurus powered Pawnees at my club make TBO with not too many issues. Both have CHT monitors and one has cowl flaps. Haven't had a cracked pot since the CHT gauges went in. Tugmaster keeps an eye on cycle times to weed out cowboys.
  5. [ What are you guys on about? Your posts seem to imply that you believe Bert Persson has passed on. I can assure you that, as of last evening ( 21/07/2020), Bert is very much alive and kicking. In fact, he has recently been very involved in re-furbishing Caboolture GC's Pawnee and in the last 12 months has rebuilt a damaged Blanik to flying condition' Please tell me I am wrong about the tone of this thread. Robert
  6. Pilots daughter informs me that pilot is definitely OK.
  7. Pilots daughter informs me pilot definitely OK. AC is a Pawnee Brave
  8. British Matilda IV tank was powered by twin Leyland 6cyl diesel engines. 95 hp each Robert
  9. And yet: https://www.icpaviazione.it/?page_id=1710&lang=en Seems the factory doesn't have an issue with a tailwheel. Robert
  10. Kookaburra two seat glider https://images.app.goo.gl/XmHa1xwuaha3Za579
  11. I owned a 1967 Cherokee 180 for about 10 years in the 90’s and have operated a 1977 Archer II for about the last 10 years. Neither aeroplane gave me an ounce of trouble in all that time. I also flew a Commander 114 for about 5 years before the Archer. The 180 was based in the bush on my farm strip and the Commander and Archer are based on the coast. Plenty of older aeroplanes will give good service if they have been looked after. None of the three were ever used for training and all had/have around 4000 Hrs TTIS. Look for a good airframe first and look at the engine second. You ca
  12. A couple of very useful document are available as a free download from the FAA website. AC43 is the generic title. Specifically: AC43. 13-1B & AC43. 13-2B They describe acceptable practices for various maintenance and repair tasks. I have used them for more than 30 years as a reference document when training others in the care and feeding of gliders. Robert
  13. Throw yourself at the ground and miss.
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