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  1. Hello to all after a long time from the latest news on the project "VFR on LARIO" I wish like to inform you that, thanking the work of an enthusiast simmer, it is possible to make a "conversion", to fly "VFR on Lario" with Flight Simulator X too. On the following see the link to a "guide", where the installer simply summarizes what done to achieve the purpose. VFR on Lario_FSx.pdf Unfortunately, still flying with the old and dear FS9, I'll be not in conditiones to provide more details or specifications. best greeting from Lake Como Aldo
  2. Hi all this just refer with the last video (50th). I'd like to report to the interested people for a free scenery (FS2004) for the Polo Industriale S. Martino. this is a place where all the flights for Milan International airport cross over, to approaching and landing Malpensa airport. enjoy Aldo
  3. Greetings to all It is my duty to inform you that our invitation to donate freely to LISM is meant unfortunately now fallen. I received today the confirmation of disinterest to our initiative. I just remember that this invitation was with the project VFR on Lario, with the elevations for Europe for Italy by Daniele Lanfranchi and in several of our other sceneries. Here below the communication received, with related motivations << We are hereby notify that no donation is ever received to our Association, therefore we do not intend to renew as authorized by Dr. Cimino. As Presid
  4. Hi all Even with a "slight delay", I inform the interested people that have long been available elevations Western Europe for FS9 (LOD8-LOD11) and Italy for FSX (LOD13). Downloads can be freely performed by the Italian portal Tuttovola, here Download FS mesh Free Only for Europe FS9, for those who have difficulty in downloading, you can have with sharable link directly to DropBox all .bgl already unpacked . This unfortunately, up to 15/3 because after DropBox will disable the function . It will be possible for anyone that will have a DropBox account . regards Aldo
  5. Hello to the interested people and those who read too I hang up the topic to inform that I have put together a small tutorial to try to clarify some doubts reported by those interested in the application. bye Aldo
  6. Hi to all I'd like to add a thing with this argument, as I asked somewhere (not here) how to to for placing a Briefing note inside the kneeboard. despite no answer received , at the end looking a bit in the folders of the Flight Simulator program, I found a way to accomplish what I wanted. As expected, the document is to be integrated on the flight and not in the aircraft folder. Here's a little video of the result I say no more now, but I will go deep if anyone will be interested bye Aldo
  7. Hello I confirm to the interested users that, waiting AvSim, the material is already available: - Tuttovola: Kneeboard per Flight Simulator - FlightSim: http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=194876 I invite again those who want to make their own contribution, for inaccuracies or to add missing data (eg. Maximum flaps extended speed) greetings and enjoy your flight! Aldo
  8. Greetings to all virtual pilots ... and even real ones. I open this topic to talk about electronic Kneeboard, that you use during the flight with the available information (briefings, ATC communications, flight plan, controls, the aircraft checklist and references). And, just in relation to the last two items (many aircraft, both default that available on the web, already have the checklist and reference files) I inform you that there is also an utility with more than 320 files for this purpose, which can be simply used to replace the existing or to add them if missing (often by downl
  9. Europe: shorter routes. From the Greek peninsula to the Iberia; then in french land and up to the British island, by then route to Scandinavia; so Netherlands, German Hesse, Switzerland till the return for Italy, in the Venetian lagoon; then the italian capital and Home, where we started, 50 flights ago (more than 63,000 miles and almost 150 hours of course ... virtual!) 40) The trip is finished and, taking the opportunity, I would like to send my best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, better than the previous ones Aldo
  10. ... from central America we come down to the Andes, to the Pampas and Brazil; then we fly over the Atlantic Ocean with a stop in South Africa to go up to the islands east; cross back again central Africa to the west, then up to the northern zone, to go back east toward the pyramids and beyond the Arabian Peninsula; we leave Africa for Europe: route to the Aegean ... ... Europe (and home) will come 29) ciao Aldo
  11. Hi to all After crossing Asia and touched Australia, the Tour continues across the Pacific ocean, then in America: first up to the north, to east, to west and then back down to the central-south America ... 15) ciao Aldo
  12. Hi all some more steps of the World Tour (including Tokyo-Sydney) 06) ... and few words relating to the videos prepared for each flight. First of all, it should be emphasized the aim: to show the aircraft used, by type, livery and flight deck, as well as the target setting as visible (the videos are mainly limited to the approach/landing). It does not claim to "show off flight technique"; the author, although big fan of flight simulation, does not have great skills as a pilot and has often found difficulties, so as to "crash-down" badly in some cases (even if limited, and
  13. Hello to everybody following the links to other videos uploaded thanks in advance for watching 04) bye Aldo
  14. Hello to everybody on following the links for the first videos uploaded thanks in advance for watching 01) ciao Aldo
  15. Following the above presentation, I inform you that the material is availabe as follows: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=197485 http://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=194095 and, in this time, also in Tuttovola, the Italian portal where The Daniele Lanfranchi's meshes (for Europe/Italy) are already present, for FSX and FS9. Comments (even critical, in moderation) are welcome. Have a nice World Tour :wave:Aldo
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