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  1. After losing Pacific Flyer and Sport Pilot I miss them sadly and badly, am more than happy to donate to this excellent forum to help keep it operating, it's too good to lose.
  2. titanaircraft, usa, rotax 912 ul2 $14,337. Jabiru 2200 $15,335, looks like current price. What's that about?
  3. Wood in Australia by kr Bootle gives good info on various timbers,
  4. After reading somewhere that HKS engines are air and oil cooled, I wondered if jabiru could use oil cooled exhaust valve guides? Perhaps some chanels cut in recess before guides are pressed in and joined to oil going to rocker gear?I've no idea of how it could be done except in my imagination but if it made a small temperature drop to the exhaust valve, could it improve possible detonation issues?
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