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  1. Since my last post, I've decided that X-plane VR on an iMac is just not workable. So I've bought a used PC & am trying to decide on what monitor & VR headset to get. The PC is a HP Z230 Tower, 3.4 GHz, Intel i7 4th gen, 16GB RAM, Quadro 600 graphic card, 240 GB SSD, WIN 10 Pro, DVD RW, WiFi card, 10 USB ports. Waiting on delivery. As I'm buying a VR headset, I figured I could get a low end monitor. My choice at the moment is a Philips 27" 275M8/75 QHD, 109BPI, 3000;1, 144Hz job. The Oculus Quest 2 looks good, I' still considering my choices for both
  2. I see you've got a Jab 230D. That made it to my short list & I went to Bundaberg to have a look at the factory & meet Rod & Sue. I could never decide between the 160, 170 & 230. After a couple of years of flying about 10 different LSA's, a friend decided to sell his FK9, so I just bought that. Prior to that happening, I'd just about decided to get the latest model Savannah & had even gone to QLD & done a STOL course on one. My wife thinks one plane & one boat is enough, so FK9 it is. I've dealt with Mwave a lot, didn't realise they made up ge
  3. The thought of trying to buy & configure a setup like yours is way outside my comfort zone. I live in a remote area with nobody else with IT experience around me. We're so out of it, there is only one other aircraft based here. Are you flying the Tecnam because there is no 230D profile in Xplane? I've had a look at the real Tecnam twin at a few airshows, interesting idea although I can't see the market for it here. My FK9 profile is not on Xplane either, I was thinking of asking the factory if they'd made one up. I'm also a longtime Apple user, my first
  4. Thanks, I was reluctantly sort of realising the PC was the only route. Apple have been talking & displaying VR stuff for a while, still no product. The only PC I have is an old laptop which is probably unsuitable for both speed & graphics resolution. A couple of years ago I did some cross training onto a Eurofox. Someone had a VR set up for a Eurofox & gave me some time on it. It was an amazing experience. I was reaching down between my legs for the flap lever, getting confused when I couldn't feel it, it was so realistic. So I understand your comment about
  5. I'm running XPlane 11.55 on an iMac. I'm interested in trying VR, any suggestions comments about which headset to buy?
  6. I've had quite a search for replacement gas door struts, a combination of length, strength & fittings seemed beyond most suppliers. I finally found a supplier who went way out of their way to find the combination I needed, all in stock & in an express bag next day. The're near Moorabbin so they are familiar with some of the the strange things aircraft need. It's so rare to find some expertise & good customer service I thought I should give them some airtime. https://schuttiesfasteners.com.au/ Really good prices too!
  7. I've seen the term 'buyers premium', didn't realise the size of it. So my bargain Foxbat from Auction is maybe not such a good deal! Thanks to everybody for the inside info....buyer beware indeed.
  8. Thanks ONETRACK, for the explanation. helps a lot to know what's really going on.....
  9. I spoke to them his afternoon. It sounded like 'make your best offer'. If the offer is not as high as their undisclosed reserve, they'll send it to auction in the second batch. that's my interpretation, not what they said.
  10. The first batch are being sold by 'Expressions of Interest'. Any that don't receive an offer that the Receiver likes, will then be added to the second batch offered for sale. I understand that the second batch will be an on line auction. https://www.pickles.com.au/trucks/tenders/-/content/LIVE-026582/trucks
  11. Does anyone have pictures of the electric trim assembly on a FK 14? I'm looking for any pictures, diagrams etc of the motor & spring assy, located under the floor pan, between the seats. Thanks.....Peter
  12. Sorry I haven't followed up, my aircraft has gone U/S so I haven't been able to do a side by side flight test. The pics don't tell you much, 1997 is the nflight, 1999 Bose a20, 1995 both sets, 2002 nflight, 2003 Bose. The nflight kit was very complete & well packaged, not a backyard job. The nflight is less bulky, but not a lot in it. I leave my headsets hanging in the aircraft, so bulk is not an issue. The nflight when attached to the headphones is a tight fit in the bag, rather fiddly. It looks like a few months before I'm flying again, so you'll have to rely
  13. Bose QC35ii & nflightmic microphone assy arrived today. Assembled easily, certainly smaller & lighter than the Bose A20. I’ll take some side by side pics & take them flying in the next few days & post my thoughts.
  14. Misunderstood you. Mine has only a single control.
  15. That's a good idea, I'll have a look at the CONFIG setup & take a photo. I've taken photos of what I thought were important, like the TX, never thought of the radio....Peter
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