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  1. I've seen the term 'buyers premium', didn't realise the size of it. So my bargain Foxbat from Auction is maybe not such a good deal! Thanks to everybody for the inside info....buyer beware indeed.
  2. Thanks ONETRACK, for the explanation. helps a lot to know what's really going on.....
  3. I spoke to them his afternoon. It sounded like 'make your best offer'. If the offer is not as high as their undisclosed reserve, they'll send it to auction in the second batch. that's my interpretation, not what they said.
  4. The first batch are being sold by 'Expressions of Interest'. Any that don't receive an offer that the Receiver likes, will then be added to the second batch offered for sale. I understand that the second batch will be an on line auction. https://www.pickles.com.au/trucks/tenders/-/content/LIVE-026582/trucks
  5. Does anyone have pictures of the electric trim assembly on a FK 14? I'm looking for any pictures, diagrams etc of the motor & spring assy, located under the floor pan, between the seats. Thanks.....Peter
  6. Sorry I haven't followed up, my aircraft has gone U/S so I haven't been able to do a side by side flight test. The pics don't tell you much, 1997 is the nflight, 1999 Bose a20, 1995 both sets, 2002 nflight, 2003 Bose. The nflight kit was very complete & well packaged, not a backyard job. The nflight is less bulky, but not a lot in it. I leave my headsets hanging in the aircraft, so bulk is not an issue. The nflight when attached to the headphones is a tight fit in the bag, rather fiddly. It looks like a few months before I'm flying again, so you'll have to rely
  7. Bose QC35ii & nflightmic microphone assy arrived today. Assembled easily, certainly smaller & lighter than the Bose A20. I’ll take some side by side pics & take them flying in the next few days & post my thoughts.
  8. Misunderstood you. Mine has only a single control.
  9. That's a good idea, I'll have a look at the CONFIG setup & take a photo. I've taken photos of what I thought were important, like the TX, never thought of the radio....Peter
  10. I have to admit to not knowing. It's a dual G3X with a GTR 200 radio, no separate intercom panel. I'll look next time I'm at the aircraft......Peter
  11. I've had a series of replies from Nflight about their attachable Mic setup. They seem to favour the Bose 35 11 over the Bose 700 as the older model (the 35) is less bulky & has very similar ANR in a flying environment. The Sony 1000 xm4 requires an adaptor, which they sell, but it adds to the overall bulk of the headset. They confirmed a comment that RFguy mentioned about adaptors that may not be wired correctly. Another factor that hadn't been raised in this chat was the impact that auto squelch might have on different brands of headsets connected to th
  12. I even recognise them. I only went as far as the 3M website. There were a lot of different industries listed, aviation wasn't included.
  13. I remembered the name from years ago too. I looked them up, now a division of the 3M Company. They make headsets & noise protection gear for all sorts of industries, but not aviation anymore apparently.
  14. RFguy, your project in the US explains your knowledge level on this subject. I'm hoping to have a reply from nflight tomorrow, I'll post their response.
  15. RFGuy, a bit more info that I've found. The Bose QC 35 11 has been replaced by the Bose 700. Load impedances are; Bose 700 60 ohm ANR OFF, 455 ohm ANR ON BOSE QC35 55 ohm ANR OFF, 465 ohm ANR ON SONY xm4 16 ohm ANR OFF, 47 ohm ANR ON. The Sony figures make sense when I reread your comments about modern chips driving low load impedance. I'll be interested to hear your take on these numbers, also any reply I get from nflight & to hear further from SplitS about his views on ANR, Bose vs Sony vs anyone else. P
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