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  1. Servo for CS.pdf I have been using CS propeller on Rotax for the last 8 years. Very satisfied with the result. Maintains propeller speed within 100 revs over the range of 4800 to 5500 engine revs. Operated by pushrod by servo motor mounted on top of gearbox. Push for coarse, spring loaded for fine just in case anything goes wrong. Moves blades through a 10 degree range. Can also be used as fixed in flight adjustable by the flick of a switch if required for training. If you require any further info PM me. John.
  2. That support bracket is on TL-Ultralight aircraft. It continues down to incorporate a drip tray. Makes very stable carbies.
  3. You check the Bing floats by weighing them. 3-4 grams is ok, over 5 grams replace.
  4. The TL Sting S4 has a factory built in roll bar just behind the forward opening bubble canopy.
  5. David is well aware of the quality and capability of the TL 3000 Sirius.
  6. OZJohn

    Rotax 912

    Every 912ULS uses the same amount of fuel to produce the same horsepower if setup to spec. You need manifold pressure readings to know what is going on. Rotax recommend cruise at not below 5000 rpm and idle not below 2000. John.
  7. I use the Ping running on a portable USB power supply.
  8. The better BRS are fully deployed in 3 seconds and are shot well clear of the plane to avoid tangles. Believe it or not they can be deployed down to 30 meters ( 100 feet ). I wouldn't recommend that. Having worn a pilot chute for many years I know it is very hard to exit a plane in an unusual attitude. John.
  9. Obviously made from broken hay rake tines - spring steel. John.
  10. MH134 took off with 3 pilots up front, they must have taken off when the far fence appeared. Four pitot covers were left on. Three for air speed and one for altitude. Thet also did a heavy landing and the A330 was not moved for some time. Pitot covers have been mandatory in Brisbane because of a wasp problem. In the case of qantas the ground engineers remove the covers with a long pole then take them up to the cockpit where they are signed for before take off. John.
  11. I have a friend who flies behind a 6 cyl. Jabiru and does not have any overheating problems if he avoids a certain (narrow) rev range. Sorry can't remember that rev range but could find out. John.
  12. I will have another look later, may have been too close to Sydney.
  13. Loaded the icontest but could not see anything offshore Sydney. How far off shore ? John.
  14. Just to let you know that your airport data files loaded instantly to the Garmin G3X as waypoints. Now available for flight planning. Will be good if you can find time to expand the airfield data. Thanks.
  15. Thanks Biggles - second hand messages are not always right. Good advise danny
  16. Last weekend, 18 & 19 May Colac Airfield was raided and six hangers were broken into. Locks just cut off. Not sure of value but many thousand dollars worth of fuel and equipment. Plus damage to aircraft. Some of the items STOLEN Aircraft Parts, Equipment and Accessories. Avgas, aircraft engine oil, many other parts. Aircraft damaged. Items stolen include: Multiple tool boxes and tool bags. Aviation tools Avgas, siphoned, and in jerry cans Jerry Cans, red plastic type Bulk aviation oil in 20 litre jerry cans Aviation Headsets, approx. six sets GPS devices
  17. OZJohn


    Welcome to the presence of TL-Ultralights on the forum. Anyone particularly TL owners and pilots is welcome to add comments and photos relating to TL aircraft.
  18. My plan is to disarm the rockets and have them disposed of legally then freight the chute as normal freight to the manufacturer for repack and sent back with new rocket as dangerous goods. I have a friend who has dangerous goods license. The better the volume the better the cost. John.
  19. Apart from the valve and plug fouling mentioned above the issue with using Avgas in Rotax is the lead buildup in the gear box which affects the clutch. You should change oil and filter every 25 hours if using Avgas. The gearbox needs to be serviced at 600 hours if using Avgas and Rotax recommends using Avgas no more than 30% of time. Better to use unleaded. The problem with using Aeroshell semi synthetic oil in Rotax is that it is not suitable for the gearbox and clutch. John.
  20. There are good techniques for repairing carbon fiber and kevlar composites.
  21. Hi RR, your estimations on fiberglass aircraft are not accurate. I have done surveys and life extensions on fiberglass gliders that are over 40 years old and some have flown 9000 hours. Some of the very early one had problems with gel coat but the new technology is very much better. Like any aircraft they are better kept in a hanger. Some of the new composites are not life limited. I also know of many metal aircraft that have been grounded because of fatigue. Happy flying, John.
  22. BirdDog from your description I am guessing your Woodcomp Prop is a SR3000. If so I can send you the operators manual (PDF) if you don't have it. Pitch stop adjustment is critical to stop over revving in fine or propeller stall flutter in full coarse and full power. John.
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