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  1. As some have mentioned, just connect your ipad to your phone via wifi hotspot. You're already paying for the phone sim so no extra cost. I am with Telstra prepaid. $30 month ( set to auto recharge and they give you 30 days, not 28). Data rolls over up to 200 GB limit and available as long you you recharge before the next rollover date ( set up auto recharge) .I've never run out of data and hover around the 200 GB limit anyway. I don't even think about it.
  2. And they said flying is only for the rich, pfft...
  3. In terms of Hangar design.. I used to hang out at an airport ( in South Africa) where the majority of the GA hangars were Tee-Hangars. Something like this: You'd need taxiways both sides, but this appears to be a more efficient way to get more aircraft into a single space, if your goal is to maximise rental revenue. It maybe more attractive to some as your aircraft is locked up and nobody else has to move it to get theirs out.
  4. they definitely don't put that on the brochure... sounds like it's more trouble than it's worth
  5. Always been curious about this, but in general, is buying a Hangar and renting it out, a good investment? What are the factors/gotchas to consider. I guess Location is a big one, and demand/waitlists for hangar space. Or is it like most things in Aviation - money Pit
  6. Ouch, he is human after all... Glad they are ok..
  7. Sounds a bit like the RPL medical reform CASA - "Here is a change in medical requirements, have some of this" - "AusRoads standard" ( so no change really). MTOW change 'Here is an weight increase - have some of this " "45 knot stall remains" (so no change really) ho hum..
  8. As suggested by my CFI, You can always prep a plan for your NAV , sit in your armchair with a watch and all your gear and fly the nav in your head, fillowing the map, doing your clearoff checks following 10 minute/10 mile makers etc. Throw in some diversions etc. Helps to get the process burned into your brain a bit and will help you when you start doing the actual navs. Or... Instead of the armchair, I fired up Flight Sim X, which had all the OZx scenery loaded for my local area, input the weather and flew that Nav on the sim, much more fun, and surprisingly accurate too. I think if you
  9. if anything I think the cinematography is going to be amazing, loved the vapour cones on those F18's (?) as they burned down the river (1:41)..
  10. As a Top Gun tragic (I still watch the original a couple of times...) this has me very excited.. Actually looks the goods
  11. There is an article in the newest sport pilot about the weight increase and CTA access... [/url]https://issuu.com/raaus/docs/sportpilot_july19_final_web/24 Tried to copy the text but can't, so you'll have to read the article
  12. Thanks Nev, I always make a point of reading your posts, always informative , useful advice, obviously based on a tonne of experience and you have a knack for teaching/explaining your point. Go on, write a book, I'd buy it ;)
  13. Nice, 600 KG and wing tanks ticks the must haves for me, now if only I had the $$...
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