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  1. Based on the video and the 3 screenshots, I’m don’t think it was a spin, I think that it was a spiral. One of the indicators of a spin is a low and stable airspeed - the airspeed in this video is increasing. The clever people say that it is not possible to ‘sense’ level without sight - and that’s what they lost when they entered cloud with no horizon - either actual or artificial. If you haven’t already - read ‘178 seconds to live’.
  2. Height, Speed and Luck... pick any two.
  3. Old Koreelah - Computer says No... I can’t send you a message. Please text me the contact details to zero for fife too, too wun six, zero wun too. (spelling intentional to confuse the bots)
  4. Thank you for your replies. 800m requirement because I’ll have a heavy load in a retract... not the perfect bush plane. Paradise Station looks amazing - but probably only 5 min closer than Inverell by road. At this stage the winner looks like Old Koreelah’s contact - message inbound soon.
  5. Does anyone know of a runway longer than 800m between Inverell, Armidale and Glen Innes in NSW? I need to be in that area for one night next week and would be very grateful if I could use a private strip somewhere near X.
  6. Thanks BP. I tracked the (ex) owner of the property who sadly reported that the runway now sports a brand new fence - right through the middle!
  7. Does anyone know who owns the strip 5nm south of Leyburn, QLD? It‘s 18.5NM SW of Clifton and runs north-south parallel to the Toowoomba Karara Rd.
  8. I have been a staunch and vocal supporter of OzRunways for many years. I too have asked them numerous times to share data with Avplan so that we can ALL see each other. Sadly, their ‘commercial decision’ flies in the face of the safety that we require, and that they very easily could provide. Avplan have indicated their willingness to work with Ozrunways on many an occasion - an attitude that I admire. Unless I understand why their ‘commercial decision’ is more important than our safety, I will not be renewing my subscription this year.
  9. There is definitely one aircraft that’ll do all of that.
  10. Once you fly an RV you will be spoilt for anything else. An RV-9 will be good for 150kts on a 160hp motor with a fixed pitch prop, burning 32l/h. You can bring the fuel burn down further if you have fuel injection and run lean of peak on long trips, but the saving in fuel is often not worth the complexity. For my money the RV7 is WAY more fun. It has a lower aspect ratio wing (3 ft narrower span) and when powered by a 180hp motor, will happily spend the day at 160kts, with gentleman’s aeros in between. The only way you’ll get the fuel burn down to early 20s is with a Rotax. There ar
  11. The ones in South Africa marketed as the VL3 Flamingo had their Vne reduced from 165kts to 145 kts. There was a fatal accident in 2010 where one of them pretty much disintegrated in flight. There is a fair bit of debate as to their actual airspeed at the time, but their last recorded GPS ground speed was 193kts.
  12. All ANR headsets do is measure the amplitude (volume) of the sound at around 100Hz and send an out of phase signal to your ears which ‘cancels’ the sound out at that frequency. 100Hz is the low bass tone that you hear from engine, exhaust and wind noise. It does not cancel out engine noise completely, nor any other bells or alarms. I have done a few thousand hours with ANRs and cannot imagine them contributing to a wheels up at all.
  13. Maybe you're missing the point... it's because I DON'T know everything that I learn. And I question. And sometimes, I can offer advice too. I don't profess to know everything Ian, but I have been flying since before you were born. Let's not make this personal. I'll still be at the local aeroclub asking “so what do you guys think happened?”
  14. Nope. No point in asking me to investigate the accident. I'm not a professional. But what I am prepared to do is enter into a discussion on what the risks and repercussions are of our chosen activity. I am NOT scared to have a frank discussion about what COULD HAVE (note.. not DID) possibly go wrong.
  15. I believe it most certainly is... We know that the wings and fuselage were found 400m apart. This indicates in flight break up. What are the most likey causes of this? Flutter? Excessive G? Why would this happen? How many newbies understand flutter? How many you g pilots actually understand the perils of full control deflection outside of white arc? Or the graveyard spiral? We suspect that there may have been heavy rain. Was it VFR into IMC? Through dscussion we develop an understanding, and can learn. Waiting for an ATSB report to come out in a year's time.... not nearly as ef
  16. I respect that this tragedy will upset those who have lost a loved one. May you find strength in dealing with your loss. But is this not EXACTLY the right time to have a speculate on all possible causes? With respectful discussion this creates an ideal learning opportunity that will hopefully save a life in future. I, for one, belive that speculation should be encouraged.
  17. Kooralbyn is great for breakfast. A trip down the valley and around Mt Warning is pretty in good weather. Gold Coast airport for dinner.
  18. It depends entirely on what you’re buying... If you’re looking at a KR2 built in the 80s - I probably wouldn’t. I would be reluctant to buy anything built from plans only unless it is looked over by someone way cleverer that I am. If you’re buying a Van’s RV that was built from a quick build kit with matched holes, properly inspected during construction, and with a lycoming engine - you’re good to go.
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