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    Tyres for rv7

    Does anyone know of larger tyres being used on an RV7, possibly 600x6 or even 800? How much speed loss and any other disadvantages? Thanks,Andy
  2. Thank you to all who replied to my inquiry, after 840hrs and approx. 1800 lands the mains are showing minor perish signs.They are an unreadable Chinese brand , not certified, fitted from new but I consider have done a fair stint.
  3. Does anyone know where to purchase 15x6.00x6 6ply tyres
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but please , how do you check for ethanol content in our fuel
  5. In the mid 60's an uncle and a cattle buyer were travelling round Western QLD buying cattle . One night in the distance they saw a light, which was pretty unusual in those days, but more unusual was, that it would come on for a while , go out , continually repeating with no set pattern. Thinking they were going to get up close and personal with a min min light , they drove up to a drovers camp where the Chinese Cook had been trying to check out a carbuncle on his <mod censored> with a shaving mirror and carbite light.
  6. I would be surprised if any pilot who regularly flies a Foxbat changes hands to engage or disengage the flaperones. It is quite easy , and I would think far safer ,to reach over with your left hand . Andy
  7. Must agree with all of the media loving. My son ,rv7 owner, works with a mate who has the same first name and similar aircraft to the one involved in the tragic accident near Emerald recently. Same name says , his sister in law receives a call from a major news journo , asking if she might have a recent photo of him. S.I. L. replies probably why? Journo - He has just been killed in a plane crash. S.I.L. Breaks contact, races round to find him having breakfast with his wife . There should be a snout and tail bounty.
  8. I suppose the pilot was instructed on where to land, but I would have thought there would be less gravel rash on the grass ,( less sparks). Also as a previous post commented, it appears to have been braked ,forcing the nose down at a higher speed then it might have. They will run on their hind legs almost to a stop. But always easy to be an armchair expert.
  9. Late last year I flew to Toowoomba to pick up my son and delivered him back to Moranbah where he works in one of the mines. ( not BHP who ownes the airport) Being a GA pilot himself, he asked and was granted permission to land there. With 3days notice required and also an ETA , and the time was worked so it was,nt too close to big bird arrivals or departures. When he asked why all the hullabaloo , was informed that it is a busy airport, at least 3or 4 planes a day. Before leaving I thought it best to visit the WC so headed across the Tarmac , to be met by an airport official informing me I c
  10. Hello Dan, That's a fair collection of toys you have had or flown, would be interested to know which aircraft you consider the nicest to fly? Andy.
  11. I totally agree. Dragging the strong down will never lift the weak . Socialism is obviously the perfect system, except it will never work except maybe in a bee hive or ants nest where everyone is born equal , genetically perfect (or are immediatly banished,) and work equally as hard towards a common cause. The way I see it, the people who like this idea also happen to be the ones who say " they" should do this or "they " should do that , while , they themselves don,t contribute .
  12. Pantyhose is the answer. Years ago we had been in a stock camp, mustering every day for weeks, winter time, with bleak dry weather. One night , after a particularly hard day, a lot of galloping, a young bloke asked me if my legs were sore. I said yes they were a bit chaffed ,why. He pulled up the leg of his jeans and he had a blister , from the bottom of his calf to his knee. For people that have,t ridden horses , riding toey horses chasing toey cattle over rough country ,you have to ride fairly tight. Grip with your knees. If you happen to get sweat from your horse on your trouser legs , make
  13. Hello Dan, I would just comment that if you are able to carry on with a conversation in a crowded room or with music blaring, your hearing is probably still good and any of the headsets are probably alright. My story is that I have spent 50+ years working in noisy cattle yards and many thousands of hours operating heavy machinery with straight though stacks, wearing ear protection that would make "Bob the builder" play sets look first class. So my hearing is far from ideal. This being the case, I was having terrible trouble understanding the radio calls and seriously thinking I would have to g
  14. Thanks for the welcome kevb, I believe my families old Auster VH ACL( sold in 1958) was totally wrecked by cyclone Tracey in 1974
  15. Brent , on a different post, thread , not into puter jargon much,but I noticed that a tiger moth had flipped at Redcliffe. I thought I recognised the rego , VH BJE looked up my late dads log ,and it was one that he had trained in at rocky aero club in 1953. Flying the little birds will make you a better plane operator
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