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  1. My 912 has soft start on it. I believe it retards the timing until a few seconds after start. Surely it could be adapted to most engines.
  2. This is what Airbus should be copying . . Ornithopter Take Off . . at YouTube
  3. Had my Fast Find PLB re-batteried and date stamped till 2026. $110 which is near 1/3 of the price of a new battery. Much better than throwing a perfectly good PLB away. He’s in SA so pm me if you want his number, not sure if im breaking rules posting his number here. BTW he ships them all over OZ so postage shouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Akro, I have the same fast find 220 and I am going to see a guy who claims to repack with Panasonic cells and provide a new official date tag at a fraction of the cost. Mine has a removable battery on the back, new Mcmurdo replacement around 300+. I’ll keep you posted.
  5. AV8 I guess you wouldn’t have the assembly cost especially the wings, the Bulldogs wings needed new special aluminium washers and locknuts and there’s heaps of them, certified from LAS AERO in the uk cost £1600......... strange how the bolts could be reused tho . . . . NOT THAT I WANTED TO BUY THEM TOO !
  6. Most costs have been covered well by Skippy and Smakko. I purchased the Bulldog from UK. flew there inspected, packed it myself with the help of experienced pilots, an engineer and the ex owner. Not knocking a couple of the guys but they were very Blazae in their packing expertise. Fortunately I was there to oversee. Being green the next problem I encountered was not getting an export C of A.. the Aussie C of A cost me aprox 4 times than it would have if it was done in the UK, being the only one of type here in OZ could have impacted this. Next problem: AQIS tried to charge me luxury tax becau
  7. If they were sold and not leased I would like to know what they went for.
  8. In the Bulldog, IO360 and CSU I kept full rich until passing 5000 which didn’t take long, then leaned it out till temps climbed in the upper green arc. Leaning any further till lean of peak only saved me about 3 litres out of 40 so I stayed rich. I figured it’s not worth risking an engine to save 3 litres. The Bulldog only had a temp gauge on one cylinder and you would expect an injected engine would have fairly constant temps, had gauges been fitted on each cylinder I would have more game
  9. I’ll have to ask Neil for some as I’m sure it’s flying again. I get the sads on whenever I think of it, would be even worse seeing pictures. I think myself fortunate to have owned the Bulldog for 9 years. Im looking forward to RA- AUS now.
  10. I have the sister kit of SBP I’m still building, 95% done 95% to go.
  11. My Bulldog has a fatigue life with an index of 114 which is calculated annually from 8 individual windows displayed on an installed fatigue meter. I sent the readings every year to De Havilland UK, they then calculated the remaining airframe life. I purchased the Bulldog 2012 with 85.4 on the index, it now only has 86.7 in 8 years flying with occasional aeros. One year when de Havs received the calcs they called me and told me go fly and chuck it around as the calcs hadn’t changed since last year. I did and that re affirmed them the meter is still working, went on accusing me of flying like a
  12. Oh would I love one of these. Unfortunately not many in Oz
  13. I do exactly that Yenn with my IO 360. taxi lean then richen up just before applying power. Few years ago I experienced misfiring on two occasions, both were fixed by running up, leaning while alternating between mags, never tried intake heat. since then I taxi lean and haven't had a problem.
  14. no . . . use nail polish it does the same as Torque Seal.
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