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  1. Small stuff should have a trim runaway brake too Nev. as it was near impossible to overcome the stick forces after I had a full pitch down runaway. I was lucky enough to have a pilot in the right seat who helped me stabilise the aircraft. The trim run away to full nose down then popped the circuit breaker. At 100+ kts it was challenging. Turned out to be a chaffed cable in the fuselage on a 10 yo aircraft.
  2. Yes you may get flutter or a heavy control column in one direction but I presume still flyable, A runaway electric trim fully in one direction is another story. I dislike electric.
  3. Give me a mechanical trim wheel any day, more precise control and its not subject to electrical faults. Unless a cable breaks they are generally sound, but an electric trim can run away and unless you can reverse it an aircraft is near impossible to fly in full nose down or full nose up trim, especially with a full flying tail plane.
  4. I retired three years ago and since then I can’t find the time to fly, I wonder how I ever found the time to work
  5. Catches you by surprise eh Mark. . . Have you ever experienced a breaking wave? Look them up. I was returning back to Gawler in the Bulldog, and from the south east we fly over a range (1900) before descending to Gawler. Wind was 40Kt and gusting, Because of lee winds I over flew the range at 4400 and increased speed a little, that’s well over double the height. . I had my hand on the control ready to reduce power for decent when in a split second I was completely inverted. I applied full power and corrected the plane, walk in the park for the Bulldog. . . A breaking wave is a rare phenomenon
  6. Markdun, thanks for the reply and the reason I ask: I had a similar problem with my Tecnam trim recently. After purchase I flew it from Qld, home to SA. At 065 over Dalby I handed control to my mate (also a pilot) and I switched trim control to the right yolk. After a few minutes the trim run away to a full nose down attitude. Not fun with a full flying tail plane. Done the usual, undone everything I performed earlier and got it flying again. Thought it was switches in the control column so I contacted a licensed aircraft electrician and he found the same audio plug connector in the tail corr
  7. Markdum did you find out what the intermittent trim was, my Tecnam was doing the same.
  8. Doesn’t it make one wonder, how many of these new arrivals are questioned over how much tax they have paid in Australia since they were granted citizenship. I think most know the answer.
  9. What SA kit do have Danny. I also have a complete SA Bushbaby kit and as my life took a different direction a couple of years ago it left me with no time to complete. I am now contemplating selling. One wonders how many kits in various stages of build are sitting in sheds around the country.
  10. It surprises me how many Trump lovers are still out there. The guys delusional, his COVID response or lack of, cost thousands of lives, his cronies rorted the wall funds, he’s a compulsive liar (the list goes on) but largest by far he’s still breathing our air
  11. Couldn’t have put that better myself onetrack. I often purchased by auction transport equipment usually through Manhiems but since Pickles got on the scene (and it appears they have scored many Manhiems contracts) I don’t even bother now. When I watch my PC ( yes I’m old school and my mobile doesn’t connect to the internet haha ) and win an item which sometimes goes an hour or more beyond the end time, shut down my computer, then get a follow up call the next day from pickles stating I haven’t made the sellers minimum and am I prepared to increase my offer, that’s NOT an auction in any se
  12. The Pup then Bulldog came after the Airedale, A much more modern and capable design but Beagle couldn’t make money out of them either, nor could Scottish Aviation or British Aerospace who finished the last few orders.
  13. this doesn’t look like he will make it, but I guess he’s practised many times. Landing Engine Off Tecnam P92 - YouTube
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