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  1. well, so far so good. Except for a bit of " I'd tell you about some gen 4 problems but then I'd have to kill you" stuff i reacon nobody seems to be having problems. Go the 4's.
  2. why would you want to put a rotax or a ul motor in one with the reliability of the Jab gen 4 engine anyway? Someone please tell me if they have heard anything but good reports on these engines. ( and please, truthful fact, not just something someone heard from his mates brothers, sons, girlfriends, stepdads LAME over in some hanger at who knows where.)
  3. Hi Jim, my jab has been running cool even when pushing a 65kn climb on a hot day it wont get up too high in temp. If Kyle knows something about cylinder issues with the new engines and says he cant say too much about it id like to know who he is protecting. Maybe the boys from the ATSB need to have a talk to him before someone gets killed.
  4. Can somebody re-engineer a mercury or Yamaha outboard engine to fit a light sport, now theres an engine.
  5. Ok Kyle, show us the problems I know about the cracked cylinders but that was right at the beginning and rectified straight away. Havent heard of anything since then. Actually while looking hard for issues over the last 12 months I come across a lot of rotax problems that nobody seems to want to admit are there.
  6. I had to replace my gen 3 engine with a gen 4. Gen 3 was buggered at 730 hrs, couldn't even do a top end on it. Gen 4 is a real aeroplane engine. I think they finally got it right. I cant find anyone having problems with these new G4s and I have been looking hard for quite a while. Run really cool, Don't use oil, when pulling prop through it has heaps of compression like a bloody aeroplane engine should have. (doesn't feel like a worn out lawn mower engine). Please let me know if anybody is having issues with theirs.
  7. Spoken like somebody who works for the council, Where flying ULTRALIGHTS here mate, not mail planes or people movers, When RAA gives me the go ahead to charge for joy flights then ill be quite happy to pay landing fees. I dont think this will be happening any time soon as they are a bit busy taking pictures for their next monthly magazine with nothing inside it worth reading. Who's going to be president next month?
  8. When i was a kid (40 + years ago) it was known as fact that crated spitfires were buried " in the hills around Toowoomba " . When I would ask if we could go find one and dig it up i would be told it would be illegal to dig stuff up the Army or Airforce Burried.
  9. Tomo, best route to clermont is track to Miles,then track to Fairview,This lines you up for the shortest run over the Carnarvon/expedition range and puts you smack in the middle of the arcadia valley , then track for Rolleston and up to Emerald/Clermont. Make sure you Travel High On the Miles to Fairview leg as there is quite a bit of tiger country but not as much as going Taroom way.
  10. Im sorry, im just a beginner who doesnt know what he's talking about, Ill order another set of chen chings off Jab straight away.I'd get some for my mower too seeing how cheap they are but you know what, i wouldnt trust them on my mower.
  11. I agree with Steve, The tyres the 120 comes out with from the factory are unsuitable to the point of dangerous! Jabiru should address this issue before someone gets hurt.
  12. Does anyone have a contact for Rob Patroney?
  13. Jack, how are your prop bolt theads? If you are refitting a jab prop remember that any wear on the thead will result in 7 psi tension achieved too early,resulting in a prop that is not bolted to the hub correctly.Can end up in all sorts of trouble if that happens.
  14. Rick, i didnt realize you were there , oh well ill catch up to you one day!
  15. Brian is right, if you just let it sit there on top of the thread and it measures 3 or 4mm up the stick it has plenty of oil. If you have to add oil and try measuring by winding the dipper home well go and bake some scones because thats how long its going to take before you can get a clean reading. This is an important point because most people mistakenly overfill jab engines (which the motor just spits back out into the collection bottle) and then worry that their motor is using too much oil. Before i was told how to correctly dip the oil i always added to much myself but now the consuption r
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