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  1. Could be many things. We had a lead issue once that caused a similar issue. But I would list that as a Major Defect and ground the aircraft, so yes there is a risk of something failing in flight
  2. You find it is the same requirement with the GFA, HGFA, and warbirds. Insurance is a big part of it. To convert, there is a 5 hour requirement. Before we argue if this is required or not, I have done a few with GA pilots converting, biggest issue is getting use to a lighter aircraft.
  3. At our club, we have 2 x G3 engines coming up for 1000 TBO next year, both sitting around 900 hours. 1 has had nothing done to it besides normal servicing. The other one had an issue but was highly likely caused by someone not running the engine correctly. After some maintenance by our expert Lame, back online and will see out the 1000 hrs.
  4. Think you will find the CASA report was highly inaccurate. If you applied the same logic across the entire aircraft fleet, alot of other manufactures engines should have been affected too. I said, it it how they are maintained and run, nothing said about LAME's. There is different quality in LAME's as there is in owner maintainers. Yes I know of some specifics but a public forum is not the place for them.
  5. I recon you will find how they are maintained and looked after, plays a big part. Same with any engine, not just jabiru.
  6. Unless you know how it was maintained and fuel used, hard to know. We maintain ours to the letter, use avgas only, always get 1000 hrs on the TBO. That is across 3 x J170.
  7. I am meeting a candidate this weekend, coming to our airfield to talk to people, and hopefully another one the following weekend at a fly-in. The cost question I will be putting to them, but also what their vision is to grow raaus and how they are going to do it.
  8. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has been involved in setting up a ULP bower at an airfield. Besides the equipment, was there any regulation issues or issues with getting a bulk supplier to deliver fuel? Where I am, already have avgas, just looking into options as many flyers bring in fuel for the rotax powered aircraft. Also heard the fuel excise may be able to be claimed back. ATO has an article on it, likely need to contact them though. Thanks All
  9. Yes agree and well pointed out, congrats for making a good decision.
  10. I have RWY as a backup on my android phone from my iPad mini. If one has issues, I have my backup at hand.
  11. Took me a bit to find, but eventually found the link. Below.AvPlan Live You need to have registered first.
  12. Why do you need to register? OzRunways you don't have to.
  13. Lets be positive and make it a great success. My biggest issue is getting a leave pass from the wife!!!
  14. My go at answering these!!1. I need the Raspberri Pi 3 module - which includes the wifi module. Correct (Someone on facebook was selling completed ones for around $240 last year, where I got mine) 2. I need a 1090 Mhz receiver and antenna suitable for aircraft (not one of the ground based monsters) Correct 3. I need a stable 5V (USB) power supply Correct , you can use a powerpack, in my aircraft I use the 12v power supply from the aux power (Cigarette lighter power) 4. I don't need a GPS module as the iPad GPS knows my position. Correct, assuming you have the 3G version, just a wifi
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