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  1. Hello Mr Morgan , Hello Toby, sorry for answering late , you both added very specific answers to my questions. But putting here, I hope they can be usefull for most prospective builders.. My experience in building is poor , but more by lack of time so far. I failed to really start a bradley aerobat kit , although from what I know it was one of the only complete ones ever shipped ... a friend bought it for just a few pennies and is soon finishing it So beeing realistic if I decide to go for a Cheetah it will be a (very)advanced kit One last thing I may want to know , because it was one of the main things that made me interest in this aircraft better than a few others : ease to remove wings. Is it for cheetah the same than for Sierra? really doable alone? MCR (dynaero) is also doing it but Ultralight price is just too much .. and no-UL just too dangerous (too many accidents , stall -60kts! -behaviour is crazy) the 40kgs of differrence are du to some metal skins replace by cover ? (was even considering oratex cover , no paint to gain 2-3 more kgs) In europe only Cheetah version is ok for UL registration thank you very much
  2. This topic is becoming very interesting thank you Toby :) This is not what one may call an "advanced kit" (closer actually to raw material...) that's why I'm a little suspicious with the "400 hours" announced when some CNC cut , prepierced kits will require 600h ...
  3. Thank you for answer, I saw all these build logs , thanks to builders to share it , it's really nice. But it's not detailled what tools and skills are need : for instance , cutting aluminium sheet (for Cheetah) , is it better with scissors? jigsaw? I know that sheet which are not CNC pre-cut are difficult to make clean borders... gussets and bars to are to cut? bending leading edge using wood patterns to fabricate takes a lot of time .. is there a possibility to have pre-cut/pre bens hardware (like SONEX ) and my last question for today ;) : on Cheetah (only one that can be registered as ultralight in my country) , is it possible to remove wings alone in 10 minutes?
  4. well, I found it's a pity that to have some information on your kits I have to contact some of your costumers... that's a bad start , reminds me a kit that I bought and never had complete ... Not all people asking it will be a costumer , but if you don't even take 2 minutes to answer some basics it's not a good way to do. Or maybe put a kit description on the website... Wanted to have some informations on Cheetah , like composition of kit , tools needed (need to cut plates? bend some?) , and real time expected to complete it (not including finitions/engine mount) Is it the same 10 minutes wing removal system than sierra? I learnt that manual was not well done , was there any improvement lately? thanks