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  1. I had a chat with Matt today. We spoke about the flying from the right seat. but he mentioned the flap handle on the left floor. But i thing its a good opportunity to fly with my right hook.
  2. Seeing him at 0930 but not flying. he has a booking at 10am. and i have prior booking to be at. he wants to see my log book so we can work out a plan.
  3. will be seeing Matt on Saturday morning. I spoke to the local flying school too.
  4. I am going down to see Matt in the morning. I disconnected the sav because its ugly but that could make us a perfect match. other is the stick in the middle doesn't help when you are a left hook. But i will report back tomorrow.
  5. Can someone what the Savannah is like to fly. i have two option on what to fly were i live one is GA the other is RA Savannah. if anyone know of any other options in mackay please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Well when i met him i was surprised to meet someone from Melbourne in that remote area. when he told me lived on french island then was even more of a surprise.
  7. A cattle station i deliver fuel to has a person who lived on french island. big change from there to here.
  8. You mean the book were the truck pulls up to his back door and asks how many baby's do you want. or are you talking about when he shot a hole in one of the instruments. is that the book you are talking about. how many hours do you have in hueys
  9. If you look the statistic for the Vietnam war on the Huey you will find that just about half the loses were operational. and a lot of those were new.
  10. I found this news out this morning when i was getting ready for work. I met mark for the first time in the late 90s when i took my first flying lessons at point cook flying club he owned the the c150 i soloed in. He was a passionate man on a lot of subjects but aviation was he's number one. lot of us would take breaks from flying but not mark he was always there. RIP Mark smith.
  11. shafs64


  12. Don't give up I have had a few false starts before getting all the weight off. And I don't have kids. So I was able to stay focused
  13. funny you say that. on a recent visit to Melbourne, I had some friends walk straight past me.
  14. So the job is now done made BMI a few weeks ago. from 127kg to 83.7
  15. As a tanker driver in QLD i give pushbike more room and even change lanes and move back over after the pass. its bad for bike riders they can't pass the traffic like motorcycles thats why i would not ride a pushy on the road.
  16. with weight watchers you still have all the normal foods and sugar.
  17. The health care system is not good. In the late nineties i had and issue with my left ankle and was on the victorian waiting list for years. it was never fixed i just had to live with it. fast forward to 2014 and my right knee started to give out on my i had to stop work. But i was lucky that my employer had to hold my job for me. I had private health cover so i was in hospital and had a full knee replacement and back at work in two months. I just had to pay hospital excess. The cost to do the replacement was 35g
  18. Hi Spacesailer Are you able to get a replacement hip?
  19. I was watching an old ABC four corners report from the 1961 and the people where well spoken they were also average size. These day they say parents will outlive their kids. one reason why is kids get driven to school these day. myself we rode or walked an hour each way to school.
  20. I did that blood sugar test and passed. I am glad i didn't take it eight months ago.
  21. Maybe you should not take wine and cheese and pies camping with you.
  22. You are right Clinton. I am a sixties child and it was unheard of eating take away. I live in mackay and they won the award for the most overweight town in QLD And the other day they were celebrating the facts mcdonalds now sells burgers and fries 24/7. we are doomed.
  23. I love coffee. I am like kyle i do all the cooking chicken beef veggies at least six days a week. Also stopped eating KFC in feb this year.
  24. Your right at 54 i lift less weight but do more repetitions. but when i was a spring chicken i was big weights!
  25. your very lucky franco are you one of those people who can eat what they want
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