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  1. Yep, thats my Daisy, 10 kg of Maine Coon. I would love to get into trikes, its a long standing dream, but I do like working on aircraft themselves. if even I could get involved on the maintenance and repair side I'd be happy!
  2. Australian Army operated Turbo-Porters with the PT6A-20 from 1968 onwards. The type saw action in Vietnam, as did the Air America (CIA) Fairchild built Turbo-Porters.
  3. Did a lot of time working on and flying in Army Pilatus Porters. Been flown horizontally, laterally, vertically as well as backwards depending on the wind. Favorite experience was listening to Mirage pilots on the fighter net screaming 'bingo fuel' in the circuit waiting for us to land at Willytown.
  4. Hi farri, just moved to Deeral, working in Cairns. Bought the house between the Servo and the CWA. Noticed the balls on the power lines just north of the town and saw an ultralight aviating in the vicinity. I am an ex military maintainer, done a fair bit of GA work and now tech writing.
  5. Just moved to Cairns, North Queensland, following my chosen field of work - Technical Writer. Ex military, rotary wing and fixed wing maintainer - Army Aviation. Formerly Flight Manuals Technical Writer for Army's ARH helicopter , systems tech writer for Boeing 737 Wedgetail, now working on the manuals for the Navy Hydrographic Survey ships at HMAS Cairns. Living in the little whistle stop village of Deeral, south of Cairns. Main interests are in radio control electric gliders and model planes.
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