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  1. very nice one day I will own one of these myself.
  2. Sounds great, do you do breakfast often or is it a one off? Always looking to go somewhere that food is available.
  3. This isn't like ozrunways, it is all the country airstrips that are not in the ERSA. OR has all the info from the ERSA. Which we so need to somehow have this available to use with ozrunways. ultralights....I posted this thread because I wan't comfortable with what I was seeing on the website and the email I received about this. So I posted here to get some feed back. Confirms my suspicions.
  4. From what I understand it is the Country Airstrip Guides that have been available for ages. But are available as an ipad edition. I would have thought they would make it available as an ipad app to bring it up to date.
  5. Is available from here...http://www.flightace.com/airstrp3.htm
  6. Hello, Does anyone use the Country Airstrips Guide ipad Electronic Book that is available? From what I can tell it is a Electronic version of the book for the iPad. Has anyone been using this? how have you found it? I notice it doesn't have a print function? Thank you.
  7. The ipad mini works very well with Oz Runways. The size of the mini is just right in my opnion. To begin with I had the full size ipad 3, but when the mini was released I sold the ipad 3 and bought a mini. Have not regretted doing that one bit. The mini is perfect.
  8. What Frank has to say is how I go about my radio calls. Keep your ears and eyes open and only do a call if you deem necessary.
  9. Thanks for that. Thats what I thought it was the 3rd Sat each month.
  10. Does anyone know if this Saturday is the Breadfast flyin at Dunwich? Looking to head over but can't find if it is on.
  11. those landing are incredible, so smooth...love your video...
  12. Hi JakeJ, Reading your post about Tempur, can you tell me what Tempur product you use? Always looking for something to make the seat in a Jabiru more comfortable, this may be the answer? Thank you....
  13. Thats a good point actually, we very easily get fixated in aviation. Like it has to be...can lead to trouble. We so have to keep our minds open at all times.
  14. Thanks for replys, trying to get a feel for the aircraft performance. I like the fuel burn of the 80hp compared to the 100. Looks like the 80 has similar cruise to the 100 but lacks in climb.
  15. Hello, I have been looking at a Tecnam P92 Echo with a Rotax 80hp. They say its cruise speed is 95knots. Would this be correct IAS at 5000rpm? Fuel burn of 14ltrs per hour? There dosen't seem to be a lot of performance difference between the Rotax 100 vs 80hp. Would like thoughts from those who have flown these aircraft. The Tecnam seems like a great aircraft. Thanks you in advance....
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