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  1. Gliders are VH registered and to fly/own a glider you need to be a member of the GFA and submit yourself to their "ministrations" which have seen the gliding movement shrink to the point where in a few years time demographics will see its functional demise. Instead of getting annual aircraft registration fees, the GFA has a system of annual "Form 2" inspections which requires you to purchase a "Form 2" document pack from them. RAAus derives considerable income from annual registration fees. Inclusion on the Australian Aircraft Register denotes nothing other than the aircraft is
  2. The Jabiru Technical Manual JTM01-10 issued in January this year says on page 42: 5.1 Service Interval Tolerance • A tolerance of plus or minus 3 hours is allowable on all service intervals set within this manual The Inspection /service chart begins on page 44 and detsils the required inspections etc. for 100, 200 and annual inspections. There may be aditional requirements in the engine maintenance manual.
  3. Was this a development of Jim Bede's ill-fated jet project?
  4. Don't you like them anymore?Try something with a future - the demographics of gliding clubs indicates that gliding will cease to exist in its current form in 5-10 years
  5. Detailed history of Port Pirie RAAF WW2 at: http://www.saam.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/SAAM-Profiles-RAAF-Port-Pirie-History-v.-MM-15Apr2017.pdf
  6. J160 has a type certificate. Had not thought about stall speed - thanks for the heads up RF
  7. Is any one aware of any attempts or otherwise to increase the MTOW of of the Jabiru 160 series aircraft to 600kg either by STC or the RAAus MARAP process?
  8. Figures from 230 POH Note figures are for paved surface at MTOW, 100' at 24 degrees C. Performance can degrade quickly at higher airstrips in the heat. Google "Koch chart" for an interactive nomagraph to calculate performance at various heights and temps.
  9. The November 2020 issue of EAA Sport Pilot had an excellent article on this subject which in summary is that if your glide angle is less than your climb angle dont even think about turning back. The article referenced FAA Advisory Circular AC 61-83J para A.11.4: A.11.4 Return to Field/Engine Failure on Takeoff. Flight instructors should demonstrate and teach trainees when and how to make a safe 180-degree turnback to the field after an engine failure. Instructors should also train pilots of single-engine airplanes not to make an emergency 180-degree turnback to the field after a failure
  10. Have a look at https://www.aircraftinstruments.eu/ . Just installed a 2 cylinder unit in my Hummel Ultracruiser and a mate has one in his Jabiru powered Thatcher CX5. Great after sales service.
  11. These are the same people who do not vote in RAA elections and say, I just want to go flying. At a wider community level the lack of education about civics and how our system of government works has created a population of compliant subjugates who "just want to get on with their lives". Unless a cause (really an event like a march) is popular on social media, however loopy, it is not likely to rise to the top of mind in the ruling classes (not just the elected ones). Bottom line is it takes time and persistence to develop relationships with pollies to the extent that they MAY take up you
  12. That may be true if a piece was on 4 corners the night before or there is some policy platform they and to prosecute but the reality is that most acts of parliament and regulations originate from the un-elected public service who convince pollies that this act/regulation is the right thing to do generally to give them more control or make their job easier or simply make more jobs thus increasing their argument for a pay rise. I cant recall but I think the ASIC card arose from regulations not an Act of parliament so it really didn't suffer the scrutiny of parliament at the time and most of
  13. There is a requirement that regulation be evidence based. Someone needs to demonstrate the effectiveness or otherwise of the regulatory requirement. We all know that the security services think that more regulatory hurdles may prevent attacks but in the end Parliament needs to be reminded that just because no aviation based attack has happened doesn't mean that the regulation has done its job. The evidence actually is opposite as the baggage handlers at Sydney all must have had ASIC cards but some of them were involved in all sorts of stuff that if the issuing system was doing its job you woul
  14. Does anyone know if there has been any review of the system and its effectiveness? Or is it not a "priority issue" for a government who trumpets their attach on excessive or ineffective regulation?
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