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  1. More canon fodder for Dr Smart Aleck
  2. The problem is bureacrats write the regulations requiring manuals to be approved by CASA with little instruction as to what has to be in the manuals. The likes of RAAus, GFA etc set out to impress CASA with how diligent they are and write extensive manuals which sometimes are in conflict with the law or often internally conflicted. They submit them to CASA who after numerous internal conferences and communications with the proponents eventually get an approval of a document that contain errors in law or otherwise. This approach generates a lot of internal activity for CASA employees that
  3. All this confusion of aircraft classes adds weight to my argument that all RAAus aircraft in private operations should be "experimental" category. This would absolve CASA of any liability(and pobably RAAus) under CASR 203.??? as all VH "experimental" aircraft are already. No need for any BS compliance with arbitary standards that create un-necessary silos and increased administrative load.
  4. A swarm attack by drones would inevitably paralyse our air force. This paradigm is war gamed.
  5. Maybe not. Australian wine stockpile is at a nine year low. Evidences that some of us have been helping the industry through tough times.
  6. I checked my 1995 copy of 95.10 and the wing loading requirement of 30kg/m2 was the go then which is why I didn't build a Hummelbird back then.
  7. And there is a group in the population who are wandering around with a brain anurism that they are unaware of. They can go "pop" at any point in time with immediate incapacitation and probably death. I've seen it happen.
  8. RAAus paid a lot of money only to have the GFA sponge on its work and decide to "copy and paste" RAAus's P.149 work product - also agreed to pay a consultant who I believe did work for RAAus's Part 149 exposition (application?) $10K to assist with the process. (see GFA minutes August 2020). At that stage RAAus's exposition was not in the public domain.
  9. Is this the accident? https://www.theage.com.au/national/dick-smith-set-to-fight-aviation-rules-changes-20040918-gdynks.html
  10. Just like parking stations no longer need attendants we no longer have garbos. Technology replaces coal face jobs with code cutters.
  11. AsA is only trying to increase its revenue base ....... follow the money!
  12. Try this https://www.segelflug.de/osclass/index.php?page=search&sCategory=110
  13. Have a look at the classifieds at www.seglflug.de. As Europe has abandoned 25kHz spacing there are many good radios coming out of gliders. I have installed 2 Becker 4201 at a cost of $3-400 each. They fit in a 21/4 hole.
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