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  1. That he is not myopic and maybe open to change.
  2. CASA is undoubtedly an agency as defined by the Act: agency means: (c) a body (whether incorporated or not), or a tribunal, established or appointed for a public purpose by or under a Commonwealth enactment, not being: (i) an incorporated company, society or association; or (ii) an organisation that is registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 or a branch of such an organisation; or (d) a body established or appointed by the Governor‑General,
  3. My understanding is that because RAAus has a contractual relationship with CASA, a government agency, there is no minimum turnover threshold. The Privacy Act has always applied. See Australian Privacy Principles guidelines Chapter para A.15 contracted service provider, for a government contract, means: (a) an organisation that is or was a party to the government contract and that is or was responsible for the provision of services to an agency or a State or Territory authority under the government contract; or (b) a s
  4. It used to be "If it ain't Boeing I'm not going", now I'm just no going!
  5. The only requirement of the CAO's is that the person seeking the benefit of the exemptions is a member of RAAus. When you sign up to RAAus you agree to abide by their rules. Members (or if you wish subscribers) can change the rules by a majority of members voting to change the rules (usually at an AGM). So for example we could propose a motion that requires a change to the Ops Manual so that following a check flight a member who holds a GA licence has all the privileges of a RPC holder including any applicable endorsements. (ie GA=RPC) There maybe a limitation for example, exclusion of lo
  6. Probably not true. At least 25% of my RAAus acquaintances hold GA licences. Facts are required, not supposition. Al that is required is a change to the operations manual. I believe that a GA BFR is already accepted by RAAus as a valid BFR for their purposes.
  7. Depends what oversight means in reality. Does holding and authorisation constitute oversight? If so, we all are subject to CASA's oversight.
  8. This is the way the legislation works. A sport aviation body (defined under CASR 202.900 but not defined in CAR 2.1 as claimed in CASR 21.192) may become an ASAO. These and other bodies may become an ASAO by application under CASR 149. SAAA some time ago declined to become an ASAO. However, like every other private incorporated body they are by defintion "self administering". This is yet another example of CASA distorting the language to confuse. This is why well meaning people often find themselves in difficult legal situations trying to "give back" to their communities
  9. But you do not need to have one - RAAus says so.
  10. They phone the ATSB who calls in the RAA which is well down the line from "first response" which is to assist victims the secure the site. Ministers in my experience are more keenly tuned to political risk than, financial or long run legal risk.
  11. Negligence in an administrative act is hard to prove and very costly to litigate. Govenments are very adept at losing critical pieces of evidence, delaying procedures and generally frustrating litigants.
  12. None of that has anything to do with registration. It makes not a bit difference to a "first responder" on whose register the aircraft is noted.
  13. There needs to be negligence, not merely a "mistake".
  14. No, the reason they got into de-regulation was to minimise the growth of the public service, and their ever growing unfunded superannuation commitment. The world has moved on since the Hillmer report and many of its promised benefits has un-intended consequences that we are all living with today.
  15. My point exactly which is why ALL aircraft should be on the one, central register.
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