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  1. 409tonner

    This Heat!

    It tows it from the tie down line to hangar and back nicely. Beats doing it by hand in this bloody heatwave.
  2. 409tonner

    This Heat!

    Cover I had made for my Sting . Fully padded and protects from hail and sun. It takes about 5 minutes to remove and install with 2 people a little longer to install by yourself.Its too heavy and bulky to take in aircraft but I have factory canopy cover for trips away.Bird deterrence on the tail made from a piece of pvc and cable ties also works well.
  3. 409tonner

    Lightspeed Zulu 3

    That would be good mate and not me paying a visit I haven't flown for weeks due to work and weather hopefully early next week I will be able to drill some holes in the sky
  4. 409tonner

    Lightspeed Zulu 3

    Hi Clayton here you have the new addition .I have lightspeeds and happy with them I am half deaf so needed anr to hear radio better .I am considering getting the cordless lightspeed tango and pax can use the zulus.Happy for you to try mine if you like
  5. 409tonner

    Hello from Georgia!

    Hi Jim welcome. Just spent a week or two in Georgia with freinds in Dallas Ga. near Atlanta .A beautiful part of the world and great southern hospitality.Carnt wait to go back .We did some boating on Lake Allatoona would love to fly over it.Good luck with the hurricane hope all is well. Danny
  6. 409tonner

    ScanEA on OZrunways TX ?

    It's doing hi resolution mapping in the area and has been operating in the area for some time .I got this information off the local helicopter charter in Roma as they frequently operate in the area .They were notified by email of its operations.
  7. 409tonner

    Jab Plenum Chambers

    Seb I have a laser thermometer if you want to borrow it Cheers Danny
  8. 409tonner

    Oz runways problem

    All good now .Did try reset etc earlier but didnt make any difference.
  9. Is any body having a problem with Oz runways ?Every time I open wx notams on an airfield oz runways shuts down on my I pad.I am up to date with upgrades etc and it worked fine yesterday.All other features are ok and works fine. cheers 409
  10. 409tonner

    No such thing as a bargain

    Look on the bright side mate ,you will have to fly the route again.I bought a cheapie $100 from supa cheap for my race car ,footage was ok but any vibration ( lots on a drag car ) it created a horrible buzzing noise .I used it on my helmet skiing in New Zealand and it worked great.I havnt tried it in the plane yet. Danny
  11. 409tonner

    A320 crash

    Agree totally Geoff .
  12. 409tonner

    A320 crash

    My daughter is going to France on a school trip in a few weeks and I feel more nervous then when my son was doing frontline combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan especially since the recent terriost attacks and now this.
  13. 409tonner

    TL Carbon Sting S3 Pros and Cons

    Thanks for the advice guys .Any other issues with the type I should know about . I have checked on insurance and all good there.The aircraft I am interested in is 2006 build and has a BEW of 320 kg suggesting it is an LSA ,have emailed the owner and waiting for a response.
  14. 409tonner

    TL Carbon Sting S3 Pros and Cons

    Thanks Lightstorm this is the info I am looking for .Do you have any other maint, or part issues.The aircraft I am cosidering has MTOW of 544 kg would this be lsa or ultralight version Cheers 409
  15. 409tonner

    TL Carbon Sting S3 Pros and Cons

    Oscar do you have any links to reports to provide evidence of your claim of poor structural integrity of the Sting in an accident as I would not want to put myself or passengers at risk if I purchased the aircraft ?