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  1. Here is a more complete version of the video: Speed of impact was 238mph
  2. The B-52 doesn't have ailerons in the traditional sense, but rather spoilerons placed inboard and forward of the trailing edge, and are used for lateral control at high speeds to prevent excessive wing twist. Small ailerons are only used to provide control forces to the pilot. Once a critical bank angle was passed (probably over 60°, but potentially lower due to reduced speed) the pilot would not have been able to recover even with "correct" inputs. Spoileron - Wikipedia
  3. By totaling up the number of aircraft from each manufacturer on this list (unfortunately it is from 2012) RA-Aus aircraft register, in number sequence we get the following: As Yenn mentioned the top listed aircraft brands are very common for ab-initio training, so applying an average number of hours per aircraft per year doesn't work, but the figures are very interesting none the less. 2012 Jabiru 152 763 Aeroprakt 53 69 Tecnam 46 132 BRM Aero 25 Evektor 21 38 Airborne
  4. Very interesting, but the accident rate for each brand would be more informative. Is it possible to get the total number of each brand registered and divide these values into it to give the rate?
  5. Based on the flattened grass in front of the left wing and behind the right, I wonder if it was a developed and very flat spin impact?
  6. It is listed in summary form on the front page of Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) but there is no link. They are probably updating it and it will be available soon.
  7. Preliminary ATSB report: Investigation: AO-2017-094 - Engine failure and forced landing of Piper PA-28-181, VH-BDB, 15 km WSW of Bankstown Airport, NSW on 19 September 2017
  8. West Hoxton: A person has received minor injuries when a light aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing near Moondarra Drive.
  9. Doesn't look good on radar. :-( Flightradar24.com - Live flight tracker!
  10. Prayer? Really? I don't remember that in the POH! What happened to keeping the pax calm and working through the emergency checklist?
  11. Full report: Investigation: AO-2013-187 - In-flight breakup involving PZL Mielec M18A Dromader aircraft, VH-TZJ, 37 km west of Ulladulla, NSW on 24 October 2013
  12. "Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor couldn't confirm that Ford was piloting the Aviat Husky that overflew the Boeing 737, but he said the pilot received and had read back the proper landing instructions." Report: Harrison Ford has landing scare at California airport
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