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  1. HI Wayne you must be working on my road then as that's where I live ..Craig
  2. The media said 50 Shaun was early 40 ,s early investigation s may indicate a problem on take off
  3. Thanks Mike I will fill you in as I find out more we are still in shock
  4. Guys I know you are all questioning the sort of flying we all do me included but I can tell you this Shaun would not want us to question what we love doing its our passion he would want us to keep on going this thought got me home Saturday it may not even been mechanical but who knows .
  5. My best mate Shaun Edwards was killed in a ppc Saturday morning 10km south of Theodore at a property .We are not sure of what happened as yet as we have to wait for the inquest .I have flown with Shaun many times and he was very careful and did not take risks .He was flying a machine called a fast away with a 500 sq chute we flew together last week end after attending the old station flyin had a great weekend and was topped off by a great morning fly. I heard the news while I was at Watts bridge flyin and I had to get my thoughts together to fly home was the hardest fly of my life .Shaun was a
  6. Hi could you pls call Shaun re your ppc he is interested as he has same and may use some parts 0467324480
  7. Hi guys is there any powered power chutes up around Capricorn central high lands a friend is very proactive with his flying and would like to meet up with other usually flys on his own..Craig
  8. Thank heaps for that yes I have spoken to them ..Regards Craig
  9. Hi everybody in the flying world would anyone know where I could fly my ppc on the sunny coast beach is there somewhere to take off inland and fly to the beach..Craig
  10. Wow you are going to be busy there are some very handy guys around oakey when it comes to building light aircraft I fly a XAir and a rans properly seen me buzzing around the area..Craig
  11. Hi Wayne have you got your kestrel in the air yet would love to see it fly I fly around oakey
  12. Hi Seb let me know if you got my message still working out this forum..Craig
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