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  1. Hi all I brought this water colour from a guy in uk about 15 years ago.. He was I a separation and needed cash he pianted himself whilst he was waiting beetween lessons ( true story) now I Poss need it to help me out who would like to advise of approx value ( hopeing art people like trikes lol) Ricky
  2. Hi, i fly 24 aircraft out of ypjt.. With rpl class two med and and raa pilot certificate, i do have transponda fitted and checked but from what i understand you do not need a transponda only a radio... for ctr..
  3. My tank is on the side and that does make bit of pain as cant get full flow with with the small travel mr funnel i use.. so have to balance pressure from pump and triger control to stop funnel over flowing (would be embarasing reporting a fuel spill to the enviro department at YPJT !!!as i am one of the reporting officers there ....lol!!! hence y strugling to lift and pour fuel was not an option). Still since jabiru now advise only keeping mogas for two weeks i have been using avgass for last six weeks (ish).. :( :) so it makes great mower can ....(dont say a word the wife said enough)
  4. Hi metal fits all old army style.. plastic need to match brand of 20litre can.. Here is a pic of mine.. Tanami were great i brought original from a dealer who was no longer a dealer and only had plastic fitting pumps as old stock.. Yet tanami just asked me to return pump i broight and then sent back a pro version for metal cans...
  5. Hi yes changed to metal can.. Tried differnt seal better but still leaked.. May of been bad mould in can i brought.. From experiance i would go metal... Not cheap set up but safe and works .. Jerry can $70 tanami pump $75 nozle $60 ish bike pump $15. But works really well.. Therre is one that flylight in uk sell £40but frieght is same :( there has pump built in... http://140142.33.ekmpowershop.net/quick-transfer-aircraft-re-fuelling-pump-188-p.asp
  6. I tried the tanami pump for plastic and it was a night mare for me to seal i split two sealing caps as had to tighten that hard:( tanami exchanged for metal one and with no quible... Now works easy and only a few slow pumps and its away... Well worth getting
  7. I use a 20litre metal jerry with a tanami pro pump and only need a bicycle pump to get good flow (solid clip on bike pump) control of flow is through fuel gun i got from masters...
  8. There is one at beverly.. Not been in there but if gliding is your thing there is a great gliding club there too..
  9. so top bottom is yes u can fly weight shift in class D if jab or rotax 912 (not ul) and is factory built and u have the apropriate licences:) looks like i might look to start fly wieght shift out of ypjt perth :)
  10. All very confusing then..:( hence my original Q, Kasper u say two types jab certified? I thought they all were? A,B And J... Now. I am more confused lol (it dont take much)
  11. Is it possible to fly raa factory built wieght shift in class D? If u have raa endorsement and rpl with ctr endorsement?like u can fixed wing....
  12. Here is something i was not aware of..( I own a jabiriru and love it) was at work today (ypjt)and saw a lame working on a r22 so stoped for a chat and asked wot he was doing.. To my suprise he was checking for sticking valves as per manual (every 300hrs) as the oil/fuel sizzles on stem seals and causes deposits to form potentially causing a sticky valve... So dont mater how much ur engine costs,they all have similar pronlems,,( stick to the inspections and dont scrimp and i reckon u got the same chance of a faliure as any other engine else... Its a shame somthing so cheap and more than reasonb
  13. Maybe it will go like the uk? caa (uk cassa equivalent) oversee licenses,BMAA(British microlight association) over see airworthiness ... The uk nppl (m) microlight (3axis and wieght shift) allows flight though controlled airspace matz etc.with basic medical.. If u are clear and precise on the request on the radio....ur cleared through the zone:) simples lol....but nppl is uk only (no jar priviliges) hence i now how nppl.rpc (raa aus)and rpl (casa). plus 3 radio liciences (yes 3... One for caa uk... One endorsment for rpc... And one for rpl, to get the cassa one i had to take an english languag
  14. Hi thanks for info...its looking good after the carb clean new plugs ect... Compresion test was good and also back using avgas.. Running very well done full power climb too 6000 ft to test.....
  15. Totally agree but a bloody good indication if something has really gone wrong..
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