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  1. Im assuming he was erring on the side of caution. How many pilots would dare to ask the overweight female passenger what she weighs!!!! I would think even though pilots should not exceed MTOW it does happen. If 760kg MTOW is exceeded then you are into the 1.5x safety factor. at 700kg MTOW overload you obviously are still well outside 1.5 x factor. So no sneaking over in SA. or in experimental class here when you have C of A at 760 kg The south Africans love their Jabbies. If you go to AV com to the jabiru section you will find the love. If you go to Jabiru website and you tube yo
  2. I Asked Mr Stiff about this on the ph about a year or more ago . The enquiry from me was " If I was to build a j430 and wanted 760kg could I get a letter stating the aircraft is rated for that MTOW" "This letter would be to show the inspector at experimental certification time that the designer approves of the MTOW:." His answer was "yes, no problem with that" Remebering an experimental aircraft can have the MTOW set by the builder. The letter would be to set the inspectors mind at ease that the aircraft is safe at the MTOW. Rod told me the aircraft was designed for 760kg with
  3. SECTION 4.08 REPORTING IMMEDIATE AND ROUTINE REPORTABLE MATTERS GENERAL Recreational aeroplanes and associated ground or flight operations are required to comply with the reporting requirements of the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003 (TSI) and the Transport Safety Investigation (TSI) Regulations 2003. DEFINITIONS The definitions of Immediate Reportable Matters and Routine Reportable Matters are defined in RAAP 2 -2016 Reporting Requirements. For RAAus purposes an Immediate Reportable Matter (IRM) was previously defined as an Accident, and a Routine Reportable Matter (R
  4. Coins thrown into plane engine by old lady for luck cause delay
  5. Excellent. Many hours of enjoyment to you sir.
  6. while on legalities . If I wanted to put my tools of trade into my RAA or GA experimental aeroplane , and fly out to old mate out back . Do some plastering and not deduct the cost of the flight for tax purposes , would this be legal? I believe that you cannot use the aircraft for reward , but can you use it to get you to a place where you get the "reward"
  7. Sometimes people in authority think they know best . even when being pointed in the right direction by the know nothing public! Also remember this is all second and third hand info . no facts here , only relayed story. Any part could be incorrect.
  8. I was out at my mum s place today. This is hearsay at best . The witness who saw the plane go down looked up as he heard the engine cut. he watched the plane bank right travelling from the south . it clipped the top of a tree then disappeared behind a hill. He saw exactly where it went down but the search was everywhere else! Young bloke on a horse decided to look where the plane was seen to hit the tree top. Found it in a few hours. I believe this witness is an aviator and aviation teacher. No mention this time of broken wing It may be possible the engine was cut on purpose
  9. Old Mate was found about 9am at limpinwood on a property next door to my Mothers . Apparently a witness who saw the plane go down teaches Aviation at TAFE . So hopefully RAA etc can get a good idea of what happened from him. .He was probably having a whole lotta fun before the bad bit I wonder if he would have liked this: Flying West... I hope there's a place, way up in the sky, Where pilots can go, when they have to die. A place where a guy could buy a cold beer For a friend and a comrade whose memory is dear. A place where no doctor or lawyer could tread, Nor
  10. Prob best to contact Murbah Aero club. 02 6672 3235. As far as I'm aware all hangars are full. but someone may be able to shuffle something around for a few days. eagle air flight school may be able to help 0413 025 178 Michael from memory , lost his card.
  11. Yep. watched a few do circuits today as I was at the hardware store.
  12. Apology accepted. locals call it Murbah At least its not too cold here . Hopefully old mate will be found in the morning OK
  13. Gday Blackhawk The Cougar is basically a copy of the Wittman Tailwind. Some differences are the cougar has folding wings and no flaps to help facilitate the folding wings. The landing gear on the tailwind is different to the cougar as the Tailwind gear was patented by Steve wittman. The cougar gear was prone to breaking the fuselage due to tourque forces in inadequately re inforced structure. Also the cougar plans are said to be woefully inadequate and many builders ended up buying tailwind plans. There are now separate plans that can be bought for full aluminium wet wings for the ta
  14. From the tech Manual: 3.3 LEVEL TWO (L2) Maintenance Authority 3.3.1 L2 may be applied for via TECH FORM 015 – L2 APPLICATION and may be issued on the basis of qualifications and experience of the applicant. L2 privileges are valid for two years and are subject to renewal via TECH FORM 012 – LEVEL 2 re-appointment. In order to renew these privileges, an L2 must conduct at least two annual or 100 hourly inspections within two years. This may be considered for variation on a case-by-case basis, upon application to the Technical Manager. A LAME is issued with a perpetual L2, subject to
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