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  1. Poteroo...u didn't edit off the caption file:laugh: Good design...Raven, based on the Commanche and a real goer with a 540...they are also working on their own engine. A very flat v8.
  2. The origin of the thread is the premise that aviation is killed by airspace as it was...The truth is and has always been...doing aviation business in Australia is at the whim of the CASA. I have my theory as to what happened back in the late eighties and early nineties within the regulator. The wrong people took VRs. "Your papers are in order!" sounds like from another time, doesn't it? It's got nothing what-so-ever to do with airspace!
  3. A bit of background info http://www.aph.gov.au/Senate/committee/rrat_ctte/casa/submissions/sub12.pdf
  4. All the RAAus FTF are regularly audited Crezzy, is it a paperwork exercise or actual C & T type check
  5. What "in the field"auditing process does RAA undertake right now?
  6. Girl was lucky hypothermia and unconciousness got her before she suffocated. No decisions under pressure if your out to it.
  7. Mym

    Ah, the Winfield Ad, my husband located the footage a few years ago while trying to get footage of an interview Dad and John did for the Mike Walsh Show. Interesting - I seem to remember Dad and John being pretty happy to get a free paint job out of that ad. The blue and white that PAS was originally painted in - looked fantastic on the ground but made it very hard to see well in the air - not what you want for an aerobatic plane. PAS has a wonderful history emerging, which is great, we had believed it was not rebuilt after 1977. Thanks for this information and if you have any photos you can scan to me I would appreciate this greatly. Kind Regards Lisa [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N90GkKy6vx4]YouTube - James Scott Flying Pitts Special for Winfield Ad. - and remember "don't smoke"[/ame]
  8. skybum

    VH-PAS and VH-KJG

    I have many fantastic memories of both Jim and John Patterson when they came up for Redcliffe Aero Club airshows in the late seventies. Your dad and PAS was the first time I ever experienced aerobatics. As a fourteen year old I was blown away until an outside turn was too much for this kid in an open cockpit...The first time they came up to Redcliffe PAS wore blue and the next two times it was painted up in the Winfield Export colours...even found the que card that Hoges used for the ad...he must have dropped it inside the aircraft and it worked its way to the tail of the aircraft...Anyhow! We had the privelage of having both Jim and John around to our place for dinner after the show. True gentlemen. Jim told us of a time when he was flying an Airtourer and the bladder collapsed and starved the aircraft for fuel and he had to put it down off airport. impresssed with his skill and passion for aviation...it wasn't that long after those good times that Jim died in the 310 trying to get back to BK...I did cry for him. When John came up for the last airshow, it was very hard to say how badly we all missed Jim. And then to lose John....Sad times. It bought home to me how fragile our lives are in aviation...I still have photoes of a very young skinny me in front of Jim in PAS on that first flight. I still remember him. A true Professional.
  9. The wrinkled plum actually had links to the entire show series. The show is a good ride...recommend it to everyone. Watch it!:thumb_up:
  10. cripes, I still shudder at the import of a third of respondants saying those two proposals are acceptable.
  11. Tomo, some top shots in that album...What rig are you running? Some of those aerial shots have the richness of a real low ASA setting. Excellent colour. Great composition and, of course, brilliant subject:thumb_up: Makes you want to be there.
  12. Oh, if only. I am currently a non-member. This is entirly due to business climate and nothing to do with aviation. My flying is a very expensive hobby and got curtailed before I realised I needed to get my five hours done BEFORE my medical lapsed. Such is life. I can see the same thing happening in GA, every one has the dooms and glooms about the industry. However, I just go down to my local aerodrome and just watch the planes abuzzing around and realise that in my little part of the pond, flying is still OK. Be a glass half full person FIRST AND FORMOST and then look to see where you can be of help if there is a need for a change. You may find that things are going along swimmingly. There will always be a problem with the how things were brigade..I mean, when I started flying Solo was $18.00/hr and dual was $25.00/hr in a C150!!!!!! Just be careful of this little gem...In my AOPA mag, one Dick Smith thinks about why he cannot register a brand new C182 on the RAA register...JUST SO HE CAN DO HIS OWN MAINTENANCE!!!:Flush: Food for thought. If I had the bucks, I would buy two Eurofox's get a mate to do the instructing and get the costs down to something pretty affordable. Aeroplanes live for a very long time, maybe, we shouldn't be trying to recoup the costs so quickly. Servicing costs and wages for something that is recreational and NOT a job makes it difficult to get up a business plan. Aeroclubs yes and not for profit yes..but dedicated flying schools for delivering on a product???? and make a profit for the owner????Is this recreational???? Just spitballing here but sometimes I do wonder if things are really that bad.
  13. Well, that answered a lot of questions I had about Barnaby Wainfan's thought process. Discoverd the facetmobile while searching online for lifting bodies. I was thinking along the lines of something with smaller dimensions would make for better stronger easier to build aeroplanes. I felt that Barnaby's design would go ahead in leaps and bounds if he enhanced his vortices with two contra-rotating propellors driven from a single engine. Then, whilst searching again online within youtube and come across footage of the XF-5U and I thought...everything just dropped into place. Of course the yank military went with an ultra-complex drive system as well as HUGE slow revving props that suffer from all the aerodynamic foibles of helicopter main rotors. And with the coming of the jets the Navy killed the design...4 to 1 ? Try in excess of 10 to 1 less than 40mph approach with over 400mpph cruise performance. Zimmerman was onto something with his ultra low aspect ratio aeroplane and Vought was crazy not to continue testing the concept. Even the flapjack with less than 150hp could do over 130mph with huge fixed gear only for testing. And to find that Barnaby was motivated by that design makes so much sense. I think I have come up with a drive system for two props off one engine but I regret I have to go the EXPERIMENTAL route because two props is not allowed in RAA. Keep an eye out for a squared off half size XF-5U lookalike.. I reckon if you built ANYTHING that looked like a factemobile it would be the Wright brothers all over again
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