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  1. I've been an engine dealer for more than 25 years, and oem parts are not always better than after markets. Do your research on continental o200 heads and cylinders and you'la see why most people in the states are using aftermarket cylinders on certified planes. The very moment Yamaha or Suzuki start producing these light aero engines will be game over for everyone but rotax and lyc.
  2. I'm not to sold on nikasil, it's true they solve the corrosion problem, but read this: http://www.avweb.com/blogs/insider/ECI-Cylinder-AD-The-More-You-Look-the-Worse-It-Is-220510-1.html There must be a reason why millennium's cylinders are preferred instead of Eci's nikasil.
  3. It seems the sierras are a solid design, CASA hasn't said anything against it. I read somewhere that this plane is too light on pitch (lighter than most kit builds). Has anyone flown both the rv12 and sierra?
  4. Hi I'm planning on buying a lsa aircraft and I was falling in love with the morgan sierra 200 until I read this: http://www.pprune.org/archive/index.php/t-470339.html "With reference to the images provided, what brain dead moron: 1. Allowed a plastic automotive fuel filter to be used, let alone located forward of the firewall? 2. Used plastic cable ties in lieu of metal hose clips to secure a fuel line to a fuel filter and pump? 3. Tied electrical wiring to fuel lines? 4. Misdrilled, Ovalised and rewelded holes in what appears to be a control column? The visibly bent threaded
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