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  1. Thanks for your comments Maj. I also run 6x6.00 tyres (Air Trac ). I might try 25psi all round from now on. Luckily my puncture was first noticed in the hangar. Carrying a spare tail wheel sounds like a great idea. Much easier than fixing a puncture in the field. Cheers Dick
  2. Hi I've been putting 20psi in the mains and 30psi in the tailwheel for some time now. Recently I had a puncture in the tailwheel and wonder if over inflation could have contributed to it. I would be interested in what other lightwing taildragger owners have to say. Thanks Dick
  3. Carby problem fixed Thanks Geoff, Ian and Ross for your helpful suggestions.I had the carby bowls cleaned at the factory and they contained fine particles of dirt as well as some watery sludge.I also replaced all fuel lines beyond the on/off taps and inserted an additional fuel filter before the gascolater.This seems to have fixed the problem as no leaks were evident after a couple of test flights.It looks like it was a dirt issue all along. Cheers Dick McCoy
  4. Hi I am having trouble with a leaking Bing Carby on my 80hp 912. After engine shutdown I noticed a pool of petrol on the ground and traced it to a fuel leak from the air intake side of one of the carbys.The fuel had leaked from the carby, made its way through the heater box and oozed down the firewall onto the ground.I thought I'd fixed this problem but I later detected a strong smell of fuel whilst in the air and a subsequent inspection revealed fuel had leaked onto the lower fuselage above the undercarriage.It had come from the same carby and the air intake pipe was saturated. Has anyone else had a problem like this and I'd appreciate any thoughts on how to fix it. Cheers Richard
  5. Thanks Ian It was just a simple wiring problem afterall. I found it fixed it and it's working perfectly. Cheers Dick
  6. Hi my name is Dick McCoy. I have looked through the various aircraft owned by members and noticed a few own Lightwings.I have just bought a Lightwing and I am hoping someone may be able to help me solve a problem.My aircraft is a GR 912and on shutdown one ignition refuses to cut off. I have thoroughly checked the wiring and switches and they all seem to be ok when checked with a continuity tester but when the engine is running I get no mag drop from one of the ignitions. Can anyone suggest a way of overcoming this problem?
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