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  1. I wouldn't of thought I phone or Ipad would be such an issue as it would be quick to disconnect from charge source and at worse toss out? I am only asking as I have an interest in a lithium iron battery for a project but want to be 100 % its safe!
  2. What batteries are being fitted that could be subject to thermal runaway? I was under the opinion that if they were using lithium batteries they would be lithium iron which are supposed to be unlikely to have this problem?
  3. We used to have oversized disc pads bonded to the backing plates on cat skidders and then sand them to suit with a 7" sander and no ppe!
  4. I have 3 of the same type of floating chargers they just have a voltage regulator and cut out when voltage reaches around 12.5 volts fairly simple and I've used them for a long,long ,long time or maybe longer? Where I think there could be an issue would be if you were to have a battery with a dead cell the charger wont recognise this and keep charging trying to reach the 12.5v and there would be an overcharge of the remaining cells possibly causing a short!
  5. If it is the same as the streak 2B the suspect bracket was a thin stainless one and updated with a thicker aluminium one? You will find the full AD on airbornes sight.
  6. How about remove the base bar, brace the down tubes well above the pilots head and have a couple of short handle bars on the bottom of the down tubes? That would have to give you a better chance of not being smacked in the ribs?
  7. Im not sure I understand what you mean Tornado?
  8. I wonder what could be done about redesigning the base bar so as it were to contact the seat frame area in extreme movements instead of the pilot? I would imagine the scenario would be the same if the wing contacted something on the ground?
  9. Thanks Bill Have a bit better understanding now but note there is some confusion with some of us trike pilots?I will be looking at it further also am due for biennial soon so will discuss with CFI. Gary.
  10. In a spiral dive to ease the bar out and level the wings.
  11. That is completely opposite from how I was taught? how many instructors teach/practice it this way?
  12. Seeking expressions of interest or offers for a damaged trike (on behalf of friend). The Trike is a airborne classic early 2000 model with 582 blue top. It had around 600 hrs before before the accident(rollover on landing) compressions and brg clearances were excellent.It has tundru undercarriage.Comes with radios,comms, helmets and a registered trike trailer. Some of the casualties (obvious) from the rollover were streak 2 wing extensive damage,Brolga 4 blade prop destroyed,mast broken. For more information pm me and I will pass on my friends phone number. Gary.
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