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  1. petercoota

    TL 3000 Sirius

    I need a high wing Peter
  2. petercoota

    TL 3000 Sirius

    I posted on 11 JAN 18 that, in my search for TL 3000 Sirius owners, I found 4 happy & 1 unhappy. I've had feedback that some members of this discussion group have focused more on the one 'unhappy' comment, rather than the four 'happy'. Since the original post, I've now been in contact with eight owners, seven of whom are happy. The detailed opinions & experiences of the 'happy' owners has been overwhelmingly positive and I'm seriously considering buying one. Have a look on the large number of Facebook sites on TL Ultralight for more info. Incidentally, I heard that they are changing the company name to TL Aviation. I'm happy to chat about what I've learnt & interested to talk to any other owners I haven't yet found.
  3. petercoota


    It's probably a GSAP (Gunsight aiming point) but a strange one, given the height, speed settings on the face of it. In the days of Sabres, Mirages, Macchis etc, a similar device was mounted on the top of the panel. The 'Pipper', the aiming point, was shown, via a collimator onto the glass, providing the pilot with the lead necessary for the relative speeds & angles between the combatants. It was an early form of HUD (head up display). The ones I'm familiar with were gyro controlled & the base unit was much thicker than the one shown, as the gyro was contained in the panel mounted device. Other comments about gunship use might make sense in view of the speed & altitude setting controls, somewhat slower than the Sabres & Mirages of old.
  4. petercoota

    TL 3000 Sirius

    Since my first message I've now found 4 owners, 3 happy, 1 very unhappy, plus yourself. Would like to phone you to ask you some questions, if you've the time & inclination. Peter
  5. petercoota

    ASIC Rip off pilots

    Thanks for the info on Merimbula, a way better way to deal with a renewal than the alternatives, much appreciated !!
  6. petercoota

    ASIC Rip off pilots

    Who's the contact at Merimbula? I understand that that's where the ASIC processing place is, I haven't been able to find out where they are, address, if they deal with individual applications or just do bulk processing. Any info would be appreciated...Thanks
  7. petercoota

    Not-Kosh 2018 Proposal ...

    REX flys into Moruya so that will be a 'secure' airport!
  8. RAA Pilot, GA Student
  9. petercoota

    TL 3000 Sirius

    thanks for that, as usual, obvious when someone else points it out!
  10. petercoota

    TL 3000 Sirius

    John, I'm interested in buying a TL 3000 & want to contact owners to discuss their experiences. With the RAA register down, I've only managed to find one owner at Deniliquin. Would you like to share any info we collect? If you'd like to keep in touch, let me know how to do that off line, I'm new to this board & can't figure out how to do a private message. Peter
  11. I had a look at one of these at Narromine on the weekend. It's got a lot going for it, are there any owners out there willing to chat about their experience?
  12. petercoota

    PPL books

    Dyson Holland (D-H Training Systems) have a range of pilot training publications. I've used them & found them very thorough.
  13. RAA Student, GFA Student
  14. petercoota

    Yet another newbie

    Hello All, I've been following this site for a while & have found it very helpful. I live in Mallacoota (far east victoria) & am looking for full time training as my location makes part time/weekend training impractical. The eastern part of vic doesn't seem to have much to offer & the southern part of NSW appears to lack full time trainers. Apart from me having to travel to far northern NSW or Qld, can anyone suggest full time training operations that they've been happy with in the middle/southern parts of NSW? I've done 30 hours of glider training in the last 6 months & now want to get a RAA certificate. Thanks