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  1. Having only two on the ACT list caused me to put out the question on this site. I've since found an outfit in Yass, FPV, & would welcome any comment about them.
  2. Thanks for the link. it leads to info about a CASA app that informs about flying zones for different classes of drones. Handy app to have, I didn't know that it existed until your link. There is an operator in Canberra called Wing, which is developing a food delivery service. Still haven't found a training company with a good reputation.
  3. I want to get an RePL certificate to fly a drone under 7Kg. I have an RPL & understand that I just need to do a days practical training, rather than the whole course. Doing the research, it seems a lot of people have jumped onto the drone training bandwagon. Has anyone had a good experience they can point me to? Ideal area for me would be Canberra, then Melbourne or anywhere in between.
  4. High wing is good for old age & bad back, avoiding stumps & fence posts, reducing sunburn. Really lousy for refuelling. Fuel delivery & valving arrangements vary widely. specially in the kit built world.
  5. Thanks, I'd never encountered a Rotax without an airbox, so I was a bit taken aback. Your comments, along with those of Downunder, are reassuring. Again I understand & appreciate the point about carby icing. I see you're in a Zephyr, I'm only interested in a high wing, but I've admired the Zephyr. Thanks for the comment
  6. I've been trying to find if there is an overall agent or distributor for Avmap Avionic products in Australia. Plenty of people sell them, is their a master agent or distributor that anyone knows of? Thanks
  7. Thanks, that's an interesting point about the carb heat you made, hadn't occurred to me.
  8. I'm considering buying an aircraft with 100HP, 912 UL engine. The Rotax airbox has been removed & replaced with two separate air cleaner type fittings. I've read that the Rotax needs its specifically designed airbox, without it, the engine won't develop full HP. Can anyone either confirm or rubbish this theory? Thanks
  9. That makes sense, I guess that ownership can't be transferred until the 25 hours are done. I thought it was a great idea involving the schools & got a huge amount of publicity, then no further news. Thanks!
  10. Online entry ticket buyers to Airventure 19 were entered into a raffle. The prize was the Bushcat that the students built at the show. Does anyone know where the winner of the raffle was announced?
  11. petercoota

    Jabiru J170

    Is it a C or D model? Which series engine? Thanks
  12. petercoota


  13. Hi Neil, I had to look up Deddick Valley, I'd heard of it, a long way from me by road, 4-4.5 hours by road, maybe 1 hour by air, across some serious tiger country. Yes, it would be good to talk to your Foxbat friend. I've been a bit put off by the cockpit ergonomics of the A22. I've not flown one, I've had 1.5 hrs on the A32 with the Y stick, that was OK, seemed to have more adverse yaw than some I've flown. I didn't realise the Sav agent was in Bendigo, their website is difficult to navigate & only has a phone number. A real pity as I was in Bendigo recently. I will be at both AirVenture & AusFly, I've paid for accommodation at both places. I would welcome the chance to have a talk with you. My email is [email protected] Did you build your Sav or is it a factory job? Regards, Peter
  14. I've been looking at the Zenith 750 STOL, which also has the horizontal stabiliser 'upside down'. I was wondering why other makes don't do this, if it's such a good idea. I see the 750 Cruzer has a 'normal' horizontal stabiliser, as does the 750 Special Duty model. Thanks for the input.
  15. I've looked at the Skyranger website, the Nynja is interesting, I'm hoping I can find one to look at. I'll be at both Parkes & Narromine shows in a few months, I hope I'll find a Nynja amongst the fly in aircraft at these shows.
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