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  1. Bubbleboy


  2. Try building a 1928 design from plans drawn by the designers mate in 1933....🤣. I also just picked up a Rainbow Cheetah which is the older Brother of your Bushcat.
  3. Thanks mate. Yes did see those. There is a mob in NZ too. Just seeing if anything local. Appreciate your response.
  4. What are folk using for prop spacers? Is there a supplier in Australia? I need one to fit between a Rotax 912ULS and a Bolly prop hub. Approx 60-70mm long. Asked Bolly when ordering the prop and they said they dont do them. Do people get them custom made for their projects or is there a readily available source? Scotty
  5. Thanks Guys. Lots of good information. Im tossing between the Kiev and the Bolly. Scotty
  6. I need to buy a prop for my Rainbow Cheetah aircraft. It is the older Brother to the current SkyReach Bushcat. Im not looking to start a slanging match on here I just need peoples lived experiences of what they have used and any positives and negatives. If its too bad an experience, maybe message me direct. The manual recommends a Kiev prop. Just looking for other options. Aircraft will not be used for training. Just my toy. I need a 3 blade to go on a Rotax 912ULS. Regards Scotty
  7. Hi Guys...to be honest I dont bother with this forum much. Sick of the childish politics! Only reason I saw you guys had commented was because it came up in my email. Progressing well, engine 95% built. Most of air frame done. Assembling now and making cables etc. Can see it all at www.scottyspietenpol.com Scotty
  8. Considering it's only Thursday, there is a good crowd already. Weather is nice. Roll on tomorrow! Scotty
  9. We are paying $30 a night for a powered site.
  10. I'm looking forward to it and am hoping the floods have dried up enough so people driving can get through!
  11. Don....I am assembling my Corvair now. Scotty
  12. Anyone have a wiring diagram for an RT-328C Radio? Looking for information as to what wire is what. Scotty
  13. I really wish they would put some effort in to the website. I have booked from Thursday till Sunday but if they dont start posting what is going to be there, I may pull the plug. Im worried this is going to be a half arsed event like the last of them at Temora. Scotty
  14. For me it's a case of not having it physically there. It's not that I am actively avoiding it but if it was there, where I could trip over it, I probably would read it.
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