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  1. Might be a bit far north but Adels Grove is great. Fit it in with Undarra Lava tubes and Chillagoe (awesome limestone caves and history) for some interesting attractions.
  2. Hi Blue adventures, yes it seems to automatically save plans. See the attached image. Past plans can be accessed by tapping the plan button "line with dots".
  3. The diary of a Jack a Flyer now avail... http://flyerme.simpl.com/index.html
  4. They're out there. Or perhaps I should have said "there out their".
  5. I know I have posted this photo before, but this just looks right to me
  6. Hi Derek, I assume you mean Warwick Qld. If so the Qld Recreational Aviation Association (QRAA) is based out of Warwick airport (Massey). It is a fairly large, 100+ members, and a very well organised group which organises a number of flying trips each year and multiple other social events. Do a search for QRAA Warwick on Google and you will find the details of the relevant contacts. Cheers
  7. Has anyone had much to do with the Mr Funnel product. (http://www.mrfunnelaustralia.com.au) I am thinking about getting one and they look good but don't now which size. Is there any issues with using them?
  8. I love them both, but am a big sucker for the P38 Lightning. Two planes, one pilot the Japanese called them. That is a sweet looking aircraft.
  9. The copilot and I a couple of years ago in the trike days. He commented yesterday when we went for a fly in the Jab that he didn't miss the Trike. Too cold and windy he reckoned.
  10. Hi OK, Yeah there are a few options around the house to land (not in the Jab though). I agree a strip at the dam camp grounds would be handy. I will have to mention it to them. Cheers
  11. I'll give it a go Ian. I just did a test run and it seems like a fairly simple process to enter an event. The bonus being that when the wife asks why I spend so much time on "that website", I can answer that it is "official business".
  12. First flight of the new year with my son and photographer, Connor. Went for a fly over Queen Mary Falls at Killarney, Leslie Dam (Warwick) and our Home. 1.5 hours all up and a glorious flight to start the year off. Warwick township, with our place mid foreground Lake Leslie Copilot and photographer
  13. hi FT, could there be a problem with registering it?
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