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  1. I see cruise speeds quoted without any reference to altitude or even if they mean ias or tas. It might be correct in that the aircraft really can cruise at that speed but it might not be at altitudes most people fly at. Its something to keep in mind when reading the advertisements for sure.
  2. Thanks just joined. Yes it is expensive. Everyone wants faster and bigger. A kitfox mk3 or avid would be right up on my list of fun cheap flying i think.
  3. Never mind I just read CAAP 92-1 seems its ok to land on public land although if following the recommendations we would be limited to 2% slope and clearways etc yada yada yada so none cool back country type stuff like they do in USA .
  4. Is there public land we can just land on?
  5. Yeah I noticed that too. Im sure if we had some more of that then we would see alot more younger and older people join in the fun and even if they didnt we would be enjoying it! I guess it woukd need to take place on a private airstrip and be organised by the owner
  6. Hi Guys, Is there any flyins that have competitions anymore like flour bombing or spot landing or even drag racing. Ive been watching a guy named Trent Palmer on youtube and he has all kinds of fun in his kitfox. Check out the high sierra flyin to see what I mean. Am I the only one who wants some of that action in Aus? Is there anywhere we can do this or similar bush flying in Aus? This type of stuff. Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of any kitfox or skyfoxes for sale. My budget is under 20k Looking for a fun taildragger with folding wings. Cheers
  8. Because with more weight comes more regulation. I would prefer to see RAA in the light aircraft/ultralight side of flying. We already have a great choice of aircraft at that weight. CASA has a PPL for people that would like to fly heavier aircraft. I am concerned that as our weight limits go up so will our costs and regulations.
  9. Is there a way to run a poll on this site? I would be interested to see results of support for weight increase vs stay with what we have. Personally i think 544kg should be the maximum. If you want to fly heavier planes get a ppl its not exactly hard to do.
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