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  1. Hey Mark what’s been happening with the Sav
  2. I am looking for a strut braced drifter prop blade it currently has a standard (from the factory) 4 blade brolga ? prop
  3. You may well land in two tennis courts but getting out will be another matter altogether
  4. Sorry mate - dont seem to have your contact details any more. I would be very interested to talk to anyone with CS/IFA prop experience & insight.


    If the offer is still open please email me on [email protected]

  5. skip I feel your frustration. On the occasions that I have asked questions hoping to get some one who has actual experience, I get the same answers from I am sure we’ll meaning people who have an opinion but no hands on experience. You have my phone number call me and I will give you the name and number of some one who has actual hands on experience with what you are asking
  6. Leuko silk, available from pharmacies, sticks well, comes off when you want and not before
  7. I am sorry did any one give an explanation for the small car engine reliability?. The only thing I can think of is even at almost flat out speeds they are not over stressed. Never had a tachometer on the Matiz I drove probably a good thing as the revs would have scared me at highway speeds. At 110 kph there wasn’t much left and the fuel economy was not as good as you would think
  8. Oops 110 kph don’t think they would have a snowballs chance to make it to 110 mph
  9. Not disagreeing with anything you said W but how do we explain some of the small micro cars Daewoo matiz 800 cc, Suzuki Mighty Boy also 800 cc and a plethora of other small car engines from 1300 cc and down doing huge mileages . At 110 mph on the freeway for hours at a time, they are pretty much sitting on at least 75% or better of their output and reving their proverbial what nots off. These are amazing little engines and we rarely see them give any problems. I am not suggesting for one moment we fit them to aircraft but they certainly don’t fit your explanation of lack of durability at hig
  10. Thanks for relating your experiences and the symptoms relating to this issue , this is precisely what I have spoken about when asking for real world experience. Are all Bing carburettors subject to this float problem or is it just Rotax equiped motors. Are two stroke motors effected. From memory my Jab has a different float set up.my BMW 1976 R 750 and so far no problems, is it a fuel related problem or is the material they make the floats from the issue
  11. Fantastic, first hand practical information . What led you to replacing the floats? What were your symptoms, are the new floats any better ?
  12. Ok i have listened to some outlandish statements without any evidence to backup these statements. Nev tell me more about these problematic Bing floats, is there a sevice bulletin from Rotax ? (how often should I change my floats) because I am not aware of one from jabiru. Have you flown a Rotax (or any Bing equiped aircraft) that has exhibited any of these symptoms , at what altitudes and weather conditions and have you been able to attribute WITH certainty the failure caused by them, In fact have you flown a Bing equipped aircraft with a leaning device ( no hearsay evidence or comparison wi
  13. Thanks OK I was hoping to get some pictures of an original plenum modified so I don’t have to do too much R&D myself
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