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  1. All good fellas and on my wish list but on 24 or factory built aircraft is just that. Wishful thinking, how good could we make it though
  2. All good information and I take your point about attention to detail and your Cummins referral but I caution you about wandering away from my initial question and remind you I asked about Jabiru and nothing else and would ask you keep to ONLY Jabiru
  3. The compulsion to have the latest greatest is real, I see my young nieces and nephews all up dating phones, cars electronic DEVICES in a never ending rush to achieve consumer nirvana and its always one device away. I liken it to the micro wave oven it can do so many things but we only use it to defrost heat pies and steam veggies. In a previous life I sold new cars (country dealer) shall we say to mature buyers they were buying some pretty expensive and sophisticated cars only to use barely 20% of the capability of the electronics and the rest just confused them, I suspect these glass panels
  4. All good points. With extra data mean we spent more time in the cockpit rather than looking outside . ? I fear the lack of support in the future might be a real issue as things advance every year faster than the one before, making that flash screen obsolete and with no money in the update industry not supported, hope I am wrong but I have seen it happen before
  5. Thanks for your input, I hadn’t thought of readability and screen glare issues. I too trained on GA back in the 70s and find the gauges easier to read, information is available at a glance . On the odd occasion I have seen the screens I could not get used to reading each piece on information, and the amount of information was a little overwhelming, maybe I would get used to it ?
  6. I currently fly with a full compliment of steam gauges and I am quite comfortable with the set up, each instrument works in relative isolation to the others so a failure of one has no effect on others, repairs and replacement is simple and not cost prohibitive. If I was to replace my aircraft they all seem to favour the new (Dynon) glass screen technology which places most if not all engine and most other instruments into an integrated digital form and on to the screen. Who has had real world experience with the new technology and can compare it with the older gauges. Given that we fly in a h
  7. SSCBD. no war started but not exactly the answer I am looking for
  8. Tweak. Any small adjustment to achieve efficiency and power increase without actually modifying motor ,including but not limited to ignition, head valve airflow, valve timing, engine balancing, piston reversal pin offset . No turbos, nitrous, and all other outlandish and obvious crazy things. No comparison with other engines, JUST Jabiru. If you haven’t any experience with doing this don’t bother adding your comments
  9. So I take it none of you have actually tried any of this on a JABIRU. Engine and at best it’s speculation . My initial question stands what can be done to tweak without modifying to make it more efficient and possibly gain some free hp
  10. Does anyone have any ideas on how to clean up/ make more efficient for a power gain Jabiru cylinder heads/ engines ,I am not talking modifications here just tweaks for efficiency and perhaps a few free horses in the process ?.
  11. Yep same here Bush caddy. Over300 hrs on my Avid nil problems to date I cruise at 4000 which is around the cruise speed of said brumby utes around the 90 hp as you state and using 12 lph. A bit heavier than I like but cheap as chips to run compared to 912 and certainly reliable
  12. Thank you all just the info . Steam gauges fitted so it’s a stand alone gauge I will investigate FC10
  13. Stand alone gauge not part of glass panel
  14. Just flow rate in litres per hour Don’t need to know fuel left or total fuel used etc. just LPH.
  15. I am looking for a fuel flow meter , don’t need fuel quantity left in tank or any other info JUST flow small enough to fit in a busy dash and at a reasonable price . What’s out there
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