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  1. Airports are part of the infrastructure of councils and a cost of doing business. Following the principle of user pays let’s see them charge people for using parks and gardens, foot paths, libraries. Only my opinion
  2. No Flightrite I am not angry, but I am disappointed that so often these discussions deteriorate from what was a reasonable question to just plain waffle about anything . The question was ,I thought plain enough and I would have thought those with FIRST HAND information would have either told me yes it is possible this is what I did ,OR no this is what we have and it’s not possible under the current rules. I thank those of you that did enter the conversation in the spirit it was intended and ask those of you that didn’t to consider the worth of what you said in light of the original question. W
  3. Yes point taken but when you want specific model type info it clutters the conversation
  4. Sorry gentle men we seem to have drifted away again. It’s Jabiru we are talking about and my original question was to Jabiru engine powered aircraft. I appreciate your well intended comments, I have had one person reply with direct comparisons of Jabiru’s with and without thermostats (thermostasis brand) and I thank him for his input . Jabiru specific actual information or real observations only please
  5. In the auto trade that would be the thermostat . In the jabs system the barbed hose fittings are far smaller than the oil cooler in and outlets. My reasoning is If the capacity of the pump has a higher flow than the hose allows ,restricting the oil flow through the oil cooler and causing a oil dump via the relief valve (in effect this dumped oil is not being cooled) would this raise temps on those hot days climbing. Fitting a thermostat which allows the fitting of larger hoses with larger flow may make the cooling system more efficient ?
  6. Will the larger internal dia of the hoses allow better oil flow more heat loss?
  7. I am well aware that the thermostat controls the minimum temperature and the heat exchanger efficiency controls the maximum . So the question still stands do any Jab drivers have the experience to answer the questions
  8. I have the Thermostasis and will fit it to my 230 . Is it worth going up to the larger hose, to me it makes sense to go larger hose, I am hoping it will keep the oil temp lower on really hot days hence the question
  9. Has any one flying jabiru aircraft or jabiru powered aircraft fitted an oil thermostat and apart from a faster warm up and stable oil temperature, have there been any other noticeable. Did Using larger hoses to and from the oil cooler lower your temperatures during the summer hot weather
  10. Love the red striping. Thanks for taking us along for the journey
  11. Best to use the 98 fuel if you wanted to keep your fuel system clean as it cleans as you go . There is a spray in the carby cleaner used by Subaru ( I have used it and it works well ) but if you were using the 98 that probably wouldn’t be needed
  12. All good fellas and on my wish list but on 24 or factory built aircraft is just that. Wishful thinking, how good could we make it though
  13. All good information and I take your point about attention to detail and your Cummins referral but I caution you about wandering away from my initial question and remind you I asked about Jabiru and nothing else and would ask you keep to ONLY Jabiru
  14. The compulsion to have the latest greatest is real, I see my young nieces and nephews all up dating phones, cars electronic DEVICES in a never ending rush to achieve consumer nirvana and its always one device away. I liken it to the micro wave oven it can do so many things but we only use it to defrost heat pies and steam veggies. In a previous life I sold new cars (country dealer) shall we say to mature buyers they were buying some pretty expensive and sophisticated cars only to use barely 20% of the capability of the electronics and the rest just confused them, I suspect these glass panels
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