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  1. A new 582 in Aus was going to be $15k plus. I sent my 618 To Ron davis in Florida for a total cost of $3800AUD and it's absolutely outstanding. Everything has been overhauled.
  2. As the item has been repaired, you have to pay taxes on the cost of repair only.
  3. Hey, My 618 cost me $580 to get it The with insurance and $450 to get it back. I went through CheapCouriersCompare and used TNT which is now owned by FedEx. I shipped the engine on the 6th July and the engine has now already been returned on Monday 24th. Including Rebuild time. Very quick and price better than I thought. My full parcel weighed in at 57kg because I sent Gearbox and all. A 503 is a lot lot smaller and lighter! I would estimate $600 return shipping
  4. This is what I wanted to hear! I've seen some other reviews which were great but I also saw the Ripoff Report which after more research seemed like it was a disgruntled competitor or something. Thanks for the feedback
  5. Great to see there's some comedians out there...
  6. Hi All, Has anyone from Australia had any dealings with Rotax Rick (Ron Davis) in Naples, Florida? Looking for any feedback on his mmm and his work. Need to have my 618 Rotax rebuilt and can't have it done in australia. Apparently he uses after market pets which are great quality.
  7. Got a great response direct from the Ops Manager. Seems like type training will soon be a Recommendation Only. Quoted Below Hi James Thanks for your email and coming to Ops for a response, rather than relying on possibly misleading information or rumour. As Ops wrote the manual, we provide the best response about interpreting it. The intent behind type training was to assist pilots in recognising the differences in aircraft characteristics, which go beyond whether they are high wing, nose wheel and high or low performance, which it appears you understand. I am in the process of
  8. Hi Nev, I have flown with the previous owner for a couple of hours, so I learned quite a bit about the aircraft. Obviously still learning, and keen to find another X Air owner in VIC that has more experience than me
  9. Hi Terry, I presume that if you had gained your LP/HP or any other endorsements PRIOR to them becoming a thing of the past, that they would still leave them on your certificate. But, as written in the latest Ops, they're not a listed endorsement anymore. You can't obtain those endorsements anymore. But there's no point in RAA taking them off of your Cert if you already obtained them years ago. Shows a skill set for you as well. I'm not arguing with you, just simply saying that the endorsement is N/A
  10. Thanks Pete, I understand LP is not an endorsement, but the Ops manual does still talk about type training and does refer to the characteristics of the plane etc. my CFI told me it's not an endorsement but it MUST still be logged and signed off in your log book for different types you wish to fly...... Gee it's confusing
  11. Yea that might be the way to go. But also, why could I not do my type training in a Thruster? I know of a bloke near Benalla in VIC that trains in one and that would give me my 2S as well and TW. The only real difference between thruster and XAir is the landing config. They're both LP aircraft and really I would have thought Type training is that would cover me for XAir since I already have NW endorsement.
  12. Could you explain how or where you saw an endorsement for The "type" that I am referring to? Apparently it's not actually am endorsement. It's virtually just a flight/competency check in different aircraft
  13. Might be in need of a facts check... They no longer exist. The Ops has changed quite a bit I gather. I had a response from Michael Coates today, he is the importer and salesman of X Airs in Australia. This is a snippet of what he said to me regarding 2stroke. "a lot of the flying schools were doing it hard several years ago and a few flying school instructors ended up as board members. They then came up with all of these stupid endorsements because this would get people back into their flying schools to get the add-ons to make them legal to fly. Unfortunately it didn't work and a lot of
  14. I have. And they just told me I had to consult my local CFI. Which I did. Hence this thread post
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