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  1. Hey All, After 41 years after getting my PPL and not continuing to fly, I'm jumping in head first once again. I've taken my first lesson and am hooked once again. Can I get some recommendations of an affordable yet good quality headset? I'll be flying 172's for the moment. Thanks!
  2. Well to the site that is. I got my Private Pilot Single Engine Land cert in 1975. As what happens often I imagine, life happens and I stopped flying after accumulating 200 or so hours. Unfortunately my old log book is long gone So, now in few months, I am retiring after 31 years as a Federal Govt worker. I've always loved aviation and used to love sitting on Perimeter Road at Miami Intl. watching Jets take off and land. I'd really get excited when a L1011 would land! My dad worked his whole career as a financial guy for Eastern Airlines... So, yeah, I'm an aviation enthusiast who is look
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