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  1. Sport and recreational are USA pilot ratings and only good in the USA. Neither is ICAO certified so may not operate outside the US and are below a Private. The Sport rating is very popular as less training is required and no medical either, but does have many restrictions. IG. no night flying, only one passenger. limited to certian airspace. The Recreational never caught on as it required a medical and took as much training as a private.
  2. [GALLERY=media, 3546]10534137_10152575744855590_404371209738142445_n by airwolf912 posted Sep 12, 2015 at 12:01 PM[/GALLERY]The only thing keeping GA going here in the USA is Light Sport and the Mfg's sitll missed the boat on this one. Light sport aircraft were to be affordable not several hundred thousand dollars. A powered parachute is all I can afford to fly and when I do fly I have the airport to myself. This photo is what most airports look like not a single GA on the ramp.
  3. Standing in the front yard waiting for the firetrucks.
  4. Manufacturer WARSZAWA-OKECIE Model PZL 106-BR Americus, GA (USA)
  5. I use the Sony Action Cam and like it. My other flying friends have GoPros and like them. Skydivers seem to like the Contour. It is like buying a car or truck. Whatever works for you is what you should get. I like the GoPro remote features over my Sony. You can turn a GoPro on and off by remote.
  6. Beethoven - Symphony 6- V. Shepherds' Song- Happy and thankful feelings after the storm
  7. My 103 year young grandmother told me if I wanted to see a old WWII bommer she heard one fly over heading for the airport. For a leagley blind and hard of hearing lady she amazes me when I least expect it. It was awsome pulling in and seeing this old Lady of the past pointing skyward and knowing she could go back there. (Thomasville, Ga.) I was expecting to see something like an SNJ or any thing with a big radial not a B-17.
  8. I fly the Apco Lift 450 an advanced reflex elliptical wing. It moves along in the low 40's (mph) I think that is 60's for kph. An elliptical wing will out perform a rectangle wing in any way you want to look at it. check out this for more hay bail zooming. ( at 1:35)
  9. Thank you for the welcome. I do not have many photos but I have videos of south Georgia. Hope you enjoy.
  10. Hello. I am a sport pilot CFI and private pilot from Thomasville, Ga. I fly powered parachutes as that is all I can aford to fly right now. Jim Dees
  11. songs What did they do with the presidents brain - artist Michael Hall, from the album Love is Murder Bastian's Happy Flight- artist Klaus Doldinger/Giorgio ...
  12. South Georgia, The Peach State, The Deep South with the Great Big Oak where Tea is sweet and Farming is a way of Life. We say: Y’all, Yes Ma’am and Bless you...
  13. Pilot :Jim Dees CFI Peach State Powered Parachutes www.poweredparachute.info www.facebook.com/poweredparachutes
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