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  1. Adam, nice episode (again), really enjoying getting my head back into flying and your podcasts are a big part of that. I may have missed it but Rob said CASA revoked his license 9 weeks later. How long was it revoked for? Is that a standard response to this sort of incident? Dave
  2. Thanks Dazza, I saw that Drifter for sale. Price seems reasonable, location is good, just the timing is a little out for me. I've got a bit of 'work' to do on the home front before I would be ready to buy (hence the research now) - realistically about 12 months away. mnewbery, I'd love to see some pictures of your setup if you get a chance next time you rig-up. I might start looking into trailer-friendly setups like the Kitfox. I loved the Drifter about 9 years ago so I thought I would start there. I'll see where my research into a trailer-friendly aircraft takes me.
  3. That is a good question. As I am only starting my journey (again) into flying, I'm not sure. Is one more compatible with a trailer? I like the sound of a SB but I have previously flown the WB and liked that also. Really only doing my research (dreaming) now as I start to plan out my goals.
  4. I am looking at getting into flying again and thinking about how practical the Drifter will be for me. I live in Brisbane so Redcliffe, Watts Bridge and a few other strips are about 1-1.5 hours away. Ultimately, if I go down the route I am planning, I'd like to own a Drifter and I would prefer not to hanger it in one location. So I have a few questions: Do Drifters go on a trailer easy? How long does it take to get it on and off the trailer? Approximately how much do trailers cost? Is it just too impractical to use a trailer? Thanks in advance. dp
  5. Hello, my name is Dave and I'm glad to join such a well rounded and active forum. I learnt to fly a Drifter back in 2006 mainly because it was cheap and meant I could finally learn to fly. After my first flight I was hooked. Never focused on more than getting airborne for the fun of it (no career in aviation), but that was enough. Life got in the way, but now I'm looking at getting airborne again. Really appreciate the wealth of knowledge on this forum - particularly the tutorials. I was at Watts Bridge during the Gathering of the Eagles on the last weekend of August 2015 and loved the vibe
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