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  1. I do exactly that Yenn with my IO 360. taxi lean then richen up just before applying power. Few years ago I experienced misfiring on two occasions, both were fixed by running up, leaning while alternating between mags, never tried intake heat. since then I taxi lean and haven't had a problem.
  2. no . . . use nail polish it does the same as Torque Seal.
  3. ahhhhh spacesailor you have been using the wrong grease
  4. Sure way to attract the kids Turbs .................................................. paint an Ipad on the side. That new paint scheme is unattractive, doesn't portray military and not sure if easy to see in the sky especially what these guys do. My Bulldog (ex UK RAF and original to the tee ) is still modern looking and I'm often told it stands out well.
  5. Hi Mike and welcome, you have some nice scenery to fly in over there.
  6. I believe Its an illusion astroguy. . . . your in a parcel of air and travelling with it. Imagine a balloon, party or manned it doesn't matter, once off the ground it moves with that parcel of air with no forces in either direction (some argue there's minimal forces) With an airplane one tries to maintain a heading which now relates to to ground speed and/or compass heading. flying into wind only affects ground speed and there's no more forces on the airplane than if you were to conduct a 180 deg and fly with a tailwind, just ground speed changes. Gusting winds are a whole different ballgame. Its best to talk to an instructor which I am not. Hope this helps and if anyone can add to it or even correct me would be much appreciated. cheers Steve
  7. does that mean short back and sides are on the way out John
  8. Planey, someone probably got paid megabucks for that paint scheme which looks like it has been designed in pre school
  9. I guess a sick passenger could constitute a necessary beach landing which shouldn't generate too much paperwork, its amazing how quick they can get better once back on terra firma.
  10. I guess it could be, caught me by surprise and have never experienced anything like it. My passenger liked it and thought I pulled a roll haha!
  11. guys did you look at the Explorer (also a South African cousin) hopefully better performance at 600kg. MTOW. My kit took about 6 weeks to arrive.