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  1. Hi All, the latest discussion with Morton Bay Regional Council about the use of my private airstrip is: yes, all my friends can fly in to visit me as well as full use by me and my family. I suggested that their letter to all the flying fields in my area was over the top and "the big stick" approach to solve a simple problem. Obviously the council could not to be seen to back down or admit it was aggressive. Life goes on, I am very happy to see aircraft above my farm. To my friends, feel free to give me a call so you can drop in. And all this over 1 complainer 1.3km away to t
  2. Yes, will keep you updated as it happens, regards
  3. Thanks everyone, There is no problem with me using the strip but I want my friends to be able to drop in. I guess I just fly a lot with my friends at my airstrip. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! regards, by the way I love to see aircraft above me
  4. Hi, thanks for all the feed back. From my understanding all the complaints come from one person , A Mr KING , who lives approx. 1 km to the Nth not N-E as the council said. This person complains about road noise, boat noise ,farm noise and aircraft noise plus others things. I personally went to see him to talk about the aircraft but he insisted that the council was the correct way. I am currently going through the right to information from the council to confirm that it is still him making the complaints. My airstrip was built before the Caboolture one. It is 960 metres and runs
  5. Hi, I have a private airstrip on Sunshine Coast QLD. Can local council stop my friends from landing? When I have given permission to land on my strip. regards Geoff
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