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  1. In a thread about proposed major airspace reform in Australia we have wondered if Drones are a motivation driving this proposal. Reports there is currently drone testing in Brisbane so I am curious to know what others know or have heard about this or other developments in this rapidly evolving airspace invasion. Found this picture online, has Uber printed on the side suggesting that company is spending some bucks. There must be some seriously smart technology and money going into drones. Wonder what is on the way!
  2. I wonder if part of the motivation is to develop a framework which will accommodate freight and passenger drones into the future. Sounds a bit Dick Tracey but considering watches receive phone calls these days as routine, possibly not! Who knows what airspace will look like 10 years from now.
  3. Hemispherical flight levels. There's an olden days idea that could work, actually I believe it does work.
  4. Was using this as an example of risk in fixed wing aircraft where we are at most risk in the circuit, either power loss on takeoff or overcorrecting turns on landing approach with lack of airspeed. If you know what the risks are associated with your aircraft being aware of them will help avoid getting into strife. Was not inferring that rotorcraft stall in the circuit.
  5. Adding to the explanation by Russ My understanding is there are two main causes of airborne loss of control in a gyro. Flat spin with a backslide caused by negative airspeed and no rudder authority and a pushover. High thrust line gyros where the thrust is higher than CofG are more prone to this. I believe most gyro prangs are due to rotor mismanagement on the ground. Power pushover is generally caused by a pilot with uncontrolled oscillations (porpoising) which causes the rotors to unload. This is where the relative airflow hits the top of the rotor rather
  6. Shame ASRA has shut down its forum again, was heaps of great info on Gyros there. BFRS with ASRA now require pilots to complete and pass the human factors exam every time you do one. Not required with any other organisation, including CASA.
  7. Not acceptable in areas where that is ground height or close to it. Plenty of terrain in VIC to NSW corridor puts us very close to or into the dirt at A050. There are some very strong responses being written for submission which speaks to how seriously disturbing the proposal is being viewed in the community.
  8. Almost every landing in my gyro is power off. Drops like a rock with no power, forward airspeed is the key. Like everything, practice.
  9. Try to get your transponder calibrated in regional areas, if the service is available nearby it is expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient and another level of compliance which impacts on recreational flying.
  10. I don't recall seeing any instructor driving a mercedes. It must be a labor of love. I recently spent time with one who is running 2 aircraft, they are averaging 300 hours a year in total with less than 40 students on the books. They take the time to pre and post brief training flights, time which is not charged for. The tuition charge for test preparation is $80per hour. Flying charge is $200 an hour. While I was there on each day I saw at least 1 cancellation due to no show or last minute withdrawal. Tjat impacts a one peron operation They told me they were exhausted
  11. You could try these guys. https://www.aaestore.com.au Haven't used them myself but have lots of goodies and seem pretty fair with pricing.
  12. I have been told that livestock and roos get confused by a continuous sound like a horn blowing and they can't work out the direction and location of the sound. An intermittent beep beep beep beep (for example) gives them a clearer indication of distance and location of where the sound is coming from, this allows them a better chance of moving away. There are bushies who have a constant beep beep horn they can run at night while traveling and they swear by this. I have tried it by just using the the horn with regular short bursts as I approach and it seems to work. Emus are a different kettle
  13. Part of the challenge of teaching anything is to develop the student and bring them along. Sometimes that won't work out but I would have thought it would have had taken more than 4 flights. When I learnt fixed wing I went solo in 8 hours, 35 years later it took me 21 hours to solo in a gyro! Thankfully my gyro instructor persevered for more than 4 flights!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I am currently mentoring/supporting my 14yo though his RAA theory subjects prior to commencement of flight training. It has been 35+ years since I did the theory myself and have found the process really good for a refresher. Having said that it has highlighted to me how much the questioning style leaves to be desired rather than sensibly actually testing knowledge. It has been like that since I did mine and I thought it may have changed since then but no. On the matter of BFRs - due to COVID this year I used an instructor I haven't used previously. The cost was $240 for .5 in my o
  15. Any recommendations for an aluminum supplier in Canberra please. 6061 T6 various bits needed for homebuild.
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