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  1. .....tampered with, and someone inserted a major number of "talky-talky" pills, thus setting Turbo off on an outburst of loquaciousness, such as would do Alan Jones proud. But it wasn't enough for Turbo to write up such an enormous length tome for the NES - No Sir, he just happened to stumble across an open radio microphone, and set off on a monologue that stunned listeners like they were dynamited fish, whereby they.......
  2. kgwilson - I am firmly of the opinion that the Chinese finance figures are fudged, and that they are improperly accounting their overall debt level. They don't count a lot of debt that would be accounted for under Western financial rules and guidelines. Much of the Chinese banking system is very opaque and they still run a lot of financial enterprises that are basically community banks with poor records, poor lending records, and laced with corruption - despite Xi Jinpings "crackdown" on corruption. His crackdown on corruption was more about eliminating threats to his leadersh
  3. Not so. Despite China's huge size and abilities, in every measure - apart from the numbers of their people - the U.S. still beats China, hands down. The size of the U.S. economy is staggering in total terms. These are the people who make the worlds largest amount of armaments - and high-tech armaments at that - they have the worlds largest Navy, they produce the majority of the worlds aircraft (despite Boeings stuff-ups), and the financial system and the amount of wealth they control, still rules the world.
  4. ....did the Firies Tango, dance moves. "Oh, we're very entertaining to watch, when we do the Firies Horizontal Tango, complete with my fire hose extended - in fact, it tends to diminish the firefighting efforts, as the others drop their hoses to watch!" "Good God", exclaimed the Minister, looking shocked. "I had no idea that the firies of Wagga Wagga indulged in such antics, surely that must be......
  5. ...Apart from the fact you just landed on someones car/shed/insert-object-of-your-choice, that you didn't/couldn't see, because of a lotal lack of forward vision, when you were descending bum-first to the landing area.....
  6. I think you have to be very careful measuring a countries position in terms of finance. There are many more areas in a nations performance that are more important to many people. The nations good health of its people should be the most important thing - but in the current pandemic situation, a serious number of people seem to think that concentrating on keeping up huge profits, is more important than the nations good health. No better example exists of this failure to get priorities right, than America, the richest nation on the planet with the worlds worst health syste
  7. ........keeps the "pedal to the metal" to ensure she gets past the danger zone, without incurring holes in the bodywork. But there came the day when Cappys stray shot downed an Embraer ERJ-190 on final to RWY 05/23 at Wagga Wagga airport (serious avref). It wasn't so much the fact that he took down the Embraer with a stray shot - it was the fact that the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development (political avref) just happened to be on board, and he was visiting Wagga Wagga to see what.........
  8. Spacey, it wouldn't be too hard to wire in a master isolator switch that was hidden and which prevented charging by any thief. And besides, no thief is going to bother with recharging a stolen car, they would just abandon it when the battery ran flat, and steal another one - just the same as thieves abandon ICE cars when they run out of fuel.
  9. .......orget about the gin, and emptying the drinks cabinet to take with you, this is an IMPORTANT PRIORITY! Fuel up all the Drifters, see that all the armaments have full magazines, and make sure you load up some crayfish to wave at them and taunt them with, and you can probably take some Merlot to wave at them, too - they won't be able to read the label at their distance. That will really rile them up." "Oh, as an afterthought, you can probably take along a bag of Australian Barley, so you can dribble it out of the bag, across their windshields - with them suddenly realising full
  10. .....do a sideslip (avref) for a fast landing? "Oh, No!", said Cappy. "I had them engineered in shape, so the design only adds extra lift (avref) when I really need it (angleofthedangleref) - and they're also designed to promote smooth air flow, so there's no annoying whistles at high speed. As we all know, there's nothing worse than a constant whistling, when you're trying your hardest to........
  11. Spacey, on the upper right of the page you'll see "Mark site read". Click on that menu, and it removes all the threads that are visible in "what's new". You do get a reminder message, after clicking the button, asking if you want to mark all threads as read. Read every thread you want to read, ignore the ones you don't want to read, then click "Mark site read", and all the threads disappear.
  12. Or you'd need to keep right away from Hillbilly country! "Dang, Martha! Ah jest shot down the biggest an' loudest skeeter, ah ever seen!!"
  13. ......thing about piercings, and tattoos, and jewellery "down there". The audience were horrified, and screamed for the cops to take away the dreadful sight, that offended even the hardiest Mardi Gras attendee. So Const Doubtfire promptly attended, and upon spotting Cappy displaying his hermaphroditic (how does Cappy find these huge words?) bits, as well as his shocking, brazen, offensive tatts, and dangling, clanking jewellery, she said ......
  14. Just wait until the anti-vaxxer protesters find out they can't attend their favorite team game, because they aren't vaccinated .......
  15. An excellent idea. I hate scrolling through hundreds of useless ads on other websites (mostly equipment and vehicle websites), looking for items for sale - only to find they sold 5 years ago - but they're still being advertised, as being for sale!! It's a scam by many sales websites to make it look like they're a lot bigger and more important than they really are. Of course, some sites tell sellers to take their ads down when they've sold the item - and they simply forget (I've done it). But I reckon a good system is one where an ad is deleted after several months - or
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