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  1. Great video, I’ve had the First 2 days up on goldcoast watching with envy the planes going by, then 2 ordinary days not much traffic. The water ways and islands are great around here. Seen an aerochute go by hotel this morning over surfers main beach.
  2. Looks fun, we’re you flying or is pax up front?
  3. A majestic machine no matter where they go. Would be a great market for us aviators who would like cruising holidays. Any billionaires who want to start a new venture out there?
  4. Makes you jump in your seat when it goes wrong. I assume the camera turned upside down not the glider
  5. I hadn’t seen that shot yet. They were showing it in more level flight. That looks like an oh sh&t moment.
  6. Glad to hear both are ok. Why do the reporters use words like “plunged from the sky” , it looked more like gliding for an emergency landing than plunging. You would think they own a dictionary to check meanings of words.
  7. I’m hoping to convince the better half that flying to the dinner in2021 will be a good idea.
  8. Is that at Armidale airport? would the storms have done that last week, we copped A beating in Moonbi from it, big hail too.
  9. I think it is paint- was polished originally, some of the ADF gear, cb, hf, internal coatings all just adding up, but it does eat into payload. I was once told if you can shut the doors it will fly, but not something I want to try.
  10. My 182 has gained 79kgs from its original POH and last annual, the strangest thing was the guy who weighed it this time, did its initial weighing.
  11. Pretty poor friends to endorse such behaviour, he appeared to be playing up for the crowd. with bad results. This is where you want mates to pull you up before something stupid kills you.
  12. I was hoping there was going to be a model crash when i seen JW hobby in the top corner, not a full size job, what a waste of life and plane.😢
  13. Your part of Oz is so amazing to look at from up there. Would love to try it if we are ever allowed back to QLD. cheers clinton
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