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  1. Yeah, sounds like its ok. I didn't know the exact voltage. Seeing as it's about .8V higher than a lead acid to start with, what I imagine was a 'struggle' was still spinning faster than the lead acid battery! How long have you had this setup? That is a great weight savings!
  2. If the voltage of your battery pack is about the same as the original battery (I guess 12V) I wouldn't worry about it. The faster the starter spins, the better. It's normally when they are spinning slowly they get damaged. Eg trying to start with a half dead battery. That's because the slower it is spinning, the more current it draws. It's why we could convert old 6V car systems to 12V without changing the starter or wipers. Zero rpm being almost a dead short and The faster it spins, the more back EMF it produces, the less current it draws. infinite RPM would be zero current draw.
  3. It doesn't matter. This is bad news, it will only further discourage people from using it. A not dissimilar, but more serious thing happened in Pakistan where a NGO was administering polio vaccines. The CIA got involved however, trying to find Taliban. So now regular folks who aren't criminals associate polio vaccines with the CIA. You just need people to do what's best for the general population, don't give them any reason to not participate. Clearly even criminals have been participating, which is good because the virus doesn't discriminate.
  4. Oh. Ha. Yes I see. I misunderstood your sentiment. We have an anti vaxxer conspiracy theorist at work, and so much spurious 'Alan Jones' logic spews out of his mouth I geta little wary. Yes of course the more people are vaccinated, the closer to one hundred per cent of COVID deaths will have been vaccinated. Simple maths 🙂
  5. sorry to be lazy but where is the info on the deaths of vaccinated people? The last data i was reading about (The Economist I think) was from the US where virtually no one who was vaccinated was being hospitalised. In Israel it may be on the rise again but that may be due to the fact they were way early on vaccinations and really are the first to be due a booster.
  6. And yet even the most recalcitrant states in the US have better vaccination rates than here. I'm sure we will over take them soon, but it shows how much Australia has dragged it's feet when even Georgia has a higher rate of vaccination. I think the lottery idea has merit. I cant remember the exact figures, but one state in the US introduced it and gave away say $6 million and saved say $60 in medical expenses. Give people a chance to win a million bucks and let's see how many people remain sitting on the fence 😄
  7. While I'm a centre left kinda guy politically, I really feel bad for people who believe in conservative politics and find their parties are being ruined by anti science nut jobs. Most obvious in the US with the Republican Party, but also here with the Liberals and Nationals. While I didn't always agree with those parties, they had a different and valid point of view to mine (which is important in a democracy). Now they just seem like a joke. I hope for my American Friends a new conservative party forms so they have a respectable voice again. The Republicans can just rename themselves to the Cl
  8. I LOVE two stroke motors but I guess their time has come. I agree, electric might be the way forward for microlights especially since they are generally used for pootling around.
  9. Yes you could probably just put a simpler drive train in, but bike gear boxes are a pain in the ass to work on. Those gears are designed to be working constantly, hauling you and a pillion for say 100,000 km. So would be easier to just leave it as is.
  10. Those microlight companies may have to start thinking about a conversion kit for a light four stroke bike engine. A modern version of a Yamaha xs650 for example. Swap the drive sprockets for a belt (if Kawasaki it will probably be belt drive already) and a bracket to mount a prop on. Leave it in say fourth gear and away you go.
  11. Don't they offer other options though? There is a German engine they list. Name eludes me this instant...
  12. Agree. I grew up in Darwin. Schooling in the 70's and 80's. Public school system was probably best in Australia. Most people I knew went to public school. I was housing commission but really had no idea how poor we were. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Most of my friends were richer. They were the ones with go karts and Atari 2600's etc. I still haven't owned a go kart but I finally bought an Atari 2600 a couple of years ago 😁 Your parents are the most important thing. My friends with mean parents unsurprisingly didn't do well in general. The ones with good parent
  13. This is what is called an argument by selected instance.
  14. Also never let it be saidi haven't put blood sweat and tears into this project 😄
  15. Screw that, I share nothing! 😄 I think the thing that helps the most is when i have a hissy fit and whine to you guys. Your positivity inspires 🙂
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