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  1. I tried to bleed them the 'airplane' way before I realised the park brake was faulty. Wasn't working of course So i ended up bleeding them the 'automotive' way. After all, if it's good enough for hundreds of millions of cars...
  2. This. The manual might call it a generator but it is definitely an alternator. The AC current as far as I know gets rectified in the combo regulator/rectifier. In a generator, the commutator acts as a 'rectifier' .
  3. Yes, all I have is park brake off option as it stands. The other position essentially turns off the brakes !
  4. Nuts, this is the park brake. Definitely a one way valve: http://www.matcomfg.com/PARKINGBRAKEVALVEDUAL-idv-3579-8.html
  5. You underestimate how lazy I am!
  6. Good point! I'll test it out once all the lines are bled ? its quite an epic journey to get that floor board off again so fingers crossed!
  7. I put it off for a while but I finally contacted the factory about the brake pedals as they were binding such that when you had full right rudder the brake pedal wouldn't move. They sent out an update kit and I swapped the faulty parts. Last night I finally got around to bleeding the brakes. I had a hell of a time. Couldn't do it 'bottom up' I assumed because of the cheapo oil can I was using. So I decided to bleed them the regular automotive way. Still no joy. Then I started to think maybe I had left mixed with right on the lines. So I had Jo pump a right pedal while I cracked the
  8. Some more work on the wing. I first slid the sail over so that the mylar pocket wasn't folded over. Fitting the mylar stiffener looks easy, but there is some sort of sticky residue inside the pocket it slides in, presumably from when it was sewn together. I was stumped for a bit until my smarter half, Joanna pointed out that if you half roll up the mylar lengthways it won't touch the edges. Slid in easily then ? . Then slid the sail over some more so that I was now looking at the back of the mylar pocket and was then able to push the edges of the mylar home. Covering the wing was fairly straig
  9. Looking a tiny bit like a wing ?
  10. There were two left hand wing brackets. While waiting for a right hand one to arrive, instead of building two left hand wings I built a wing rack. Because I'm building in a two car garage I need to be careful with space. Therefore I made it so the wing is about 760mm off the ground. That way it can sit against the fuselage and over the undercarriage (where the LE tubes are in the photo) Rack is just built from a couple of dollies, 35x90 pine and a bit of bracing. No glue, just screws so that when everything is done I can reuse most of this in other projects (",)
  11. Not worried at all this time around. I think the throttle arm incident got the stress out of my system. Quite enjoyed fixing this ?
  12. Installing the firewall. In section 23 I mentioned you need to leave the wooden fairing spacer in place. This is why! Without it, the firewall pieces are not the right shape and won't fit. Which I didn't realise so I experimented by trimming off about 2mm from where the firewall pieces meet the top of the engine mount thinking it might shift into place. It still didn't make sense so it was time to email Eddie the Engineer at the factory. He then told me the fairing spacer should still be in place. Oh and you can trim the edges a bit but whatever you do don't trim off the part of th
  13. I had a hell of a time setting up the throttle arms. This was part of my tantrum in the previous post! But basically you can avoid a lot of time and stress by being really careful fitting the armrest plates. I didn't make them conform closely enough to the curve and they sat a millimetre or two off the armrest. The problem there is that the throttle arms have a bend in them and there isn't much leeway for error. Where the arm bends, it rubs on the plate, causing way too much friction. I ended up drilling out the rivets (TWICE on the left hand arm!) . I filled the holes up with epox
  14. Hehe. I think sometimes it would be easier to work from plans! But im way too lazy for that! Anyway, I’ve stopped pouting and working on it again. It is a lovely plane to fly so I must keep thinking of the end result
  15. Thanks for your kind words, helps put it in context ?
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