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  1. Excellent video! I even found the first five minutes interesting 🙂
  2. I mentioned fuel injection. I've been chatting to a guy named Ray out at Boonah. He has been fitting a Rotec fuel injection system to his Jabiru. I don't believe it's fuel injection in the common electronic solenoid system we see on cars, but it's supposed to improve on the carb. Have you looked into that? You won't have to modify your engine, and as well as getting a few extra ponies, you should be using less fuel too. https://www.rotecaerosport.com/tbi-34-s
  3. It's it carb or fuel injection? Fuel injection will get you a gain without creating more heat
  4. Yep, no one is probably EVER going to solve problems like that because there's no incentive now for new engine designs. There's no money in it, and there won't bE a sizable advantage over the extra cost of a limited run manufactured engine. Innovation makes us human, but innovating in ICE technology now seems a little futile if for a business proposition. If people innovate for just as a hobby, then that's different. For instance, I'm a bit of a retro games nut. There are people still making games for the Commodore 64 and Atari 2600! Even cartridges. I have a few myself. Some of th
  5. Just thought I'd update about the stall fix kit, for want of a better word. It is extremely comprehensive, not just a bag of vortex generators as was the speculation. The tailplane surfaces are all larger, and come pre covered. The trim tab is much more aerodynamic now, being a build up aluminium affair with appropriate thickness as opposed to just a flat metal plate. Trim Lever is also more substantial to allow for more movement. The rudder has an anti balance tab now as well. Vertical stab is a bit taller, and there is a small dorsal fin. There is also a very nice pitot tube to allow for mor
  6. The main design flaw of any of these new engine designs is the are forty or fifty years too late. There's really no point now.
  7. They are seriously nice looking. Cool that is on ra Aus 😎
  8. Dammit, now I'm longingly poring over the Quicksilver website. They are available with Hirth engines now.
  9. In all seriousness surely you guys aren't suggesting that you cant legally register a Quicksilver or aerolite kit in Australia? I saw no 'for novelty purposes only, not too be used as intended' disclaimers on the Australian importers websites.
  10. Aerolite is a nice looking plane. We came across it when I wanted to get a Quicksilver but found its existence was shakey regarding the factory and lack of engines. In the end I ended up buying a Bushcat (yeah but of a jump up!) But I often think of the aerolite each time I find I have two left hand parts and am waiting two weeks for the right parts to arrive. If I'd have bought an aerolite I probably would have been flying my own plane the last Two years 😄
  11. The pilot of the Avenger wasn't mentioned in the first 9 minutes I don't think. It was all about a C47 and the previous benefactor who kept crashing it
  12. Finally watched the rest. Ok, that does seem really negligent! Anyone who hasn't watched the video yet, just start after the 9 minute mark. This dude has a total hard-on for someone who isn't even involved anymore so you can skip all that...
  13. I must admit i only watched the first seven minutes, which had nothing to do with the Avenger.
  14. I must admit i only watched the first seven minutes, which had nothing to do with the Avenger. I will watch the rest later and try and find the bit that's relevant to it
  15. All I see is a text book ditching and some armchair experts with hours or even days to think of how to rubbish him. Was anyone hurt? Reminds me of the movie Sully where the FAA spent a hell of a lot of energy trying to show what he did was wrong...
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