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  1. How can it be new if it's 'been assembled twice'?
  2. Just read about Polini engines recently. Freakin cheap as! https://www.beliteaircraft.com/polini-thor-250-engine-review-the-best-ultralight-engine-weve-seen/
  3. It's coal particulates that causes asthma and death, not cow dung. 1984 is a long time ago.
  4. Rolls Royce are developing compact nuclear power stations. They will be roughly the size of two football fields in total. They have actually said they would love to build in Australia. Nuclear is not perfect, but Australia had to be about the BEST place in the world to build a nuclear power station.
  5. The Economist reports that in India roughly 112,000 people die each year because of coal pollution.
  6. Mods have fixed the voting now. Those of you with several Ra-aus registered aircraft- one with and one without just vote yes AND no 🙂 If you have MORE than two Ra-aus aircraft well damn! 😄 If none have transponders just vote no, if they all have transponders just vote yes. If some do some don't vote yes AND no. Derek Liston, I think your vote counts as it's an aircraft that is often registered Ra-aus 🙂
  7. This kinda thing in case there's any confusion. Is it called mode C? (And yes that pic is of a pretty old model, but you get the idea)
  8. Can someone change the poll options to multiple choice for me? Thanks in advance 🙂
  9. I think for this purpose I mean that thing with the four digit code you can squawk for air traffic control to identity you with
  10. Yes, up to mtow 600. I used the term ultralight to keep the heading simple. Also I didn't think of the fact some people would have more tha one aircraft. Unfortunately you have about two seconds to edit posts here but I'll see if I can get the pool changed to multiple votes
  11. Good outcome. What I'm most impressed about is that he was wearing a Fedora 🥰 Say what you will about the French, they have a lot of style!
  12. What Skippy is asking though is that if it's so scientific, why do you get seemingly different results? Propeller design seems almost like Feng Shui- the result seems to depend on however the individual designer feels at the time 😄
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