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  1. Fingers crossed my Becker is ok. It only cost me $250 though 🙂
  2. That won't help us collectors 🤣 I think you'll find this interesting in regards to what was in MS head when they first designed the xbox. Not a long article, but explains why a battery is out of the question: https://www.xenatera.com/bunnie/proj/anatak/rtc.html
  3. Yeah, it's a known problem with them. Some kinda gel? There was a number of years where the whole lot were crap. At the time, MS decided to run the clock with this cap instead of a battery. The chip that had the clock in it used a lot of power though so they used this super cap. Could still only hold the time for a few hours if unplugged.
  4. Yeah and the cap was bad enough! http://dannygalaga.com/xbox.html
  5. Thanks for the heads up. I also collect old games consoles and the original Xbox in particular has a similar problem, but with a super capacitor. I pulled mine apart and sure enough there was gunk everywhere! Pulled the cap and cleaned it up and it's all good again 🙂 Actually I'll replace it anyway. They tend not to last more than ten years max. Be a nuisance if it goes flat and I keep having to set up the frequencies...
  6. Here's the procedure. I don't think it should be too much hassle... http://www.ddsc.org.au/documents/manuals/Ventus B/Becker AR 3201 Radio Guide.pdf
  7. I concede I don't have much experience with navs but I figure I can go a long way with four frequencies preset. I kinda like that it is numbered 1-4. If I take off for cross country then I start with the local frequency on the A position. My plane can cover about 400 or so nautical miles. It's RA so no control zones. And it could be a long time before I even get to travel that far.
  8. Amazon are operating parcel drones around the Logan, QLD area right now. Guy at work showed me a video of a parcel getting delivered next door to him. Freakin noisy!
  9. Forgot to add this pic before the 2 minute edit window expired 😅
  10. Yeah, I figured that since it has four spots to save frequencies once I am used to setting and saving them it won't be much different to the more modern type of radio. Position A is current frequency and then that can be saved into one of the four. I figure people have been flying successfully that way for decades, in way heavier airspace than I will be flying in! Right now I haven't even done any Navs so if this plane ever gets finished soon I aint goin anywhere far anyway 🤣
  11. Well I bIt the bullet. I went for the older AR3201 . doesn't have the two frequency 'toggle' feature like the 4201 but has 4 positions to store frequencies. That'll do me. Cheap as chips 🙂 Thanks again for the heads up!
  12. Not really, it's been so long since I looked at them I can't remember anything about it 🤣
  13. I'm building a Bushcat at the moment. It has taken a while and I can't compare to the Nynja. I'm hoping to check out a Nynja in a few months just to compare. Flying the Bushcat is pleasant and it does seem to soak up bumps. It's a bit heavier than the Nynja so maybe down to weight? One thing to consider is whether you want a taildragger or not. Not sure if the Nynja has that option? Bushcat only comes with fuselage tank so that's another consideration. From what I'm reading here, people are getting a lot more use out of having a wing tank. We don't particularly want to carry much
  14. All I know is it made me wish it still had the previous version of brakes with just cables, drums and a handbrake 🤣
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