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  1. Love it! This hobby is going to survive into the future with guys like this involved. Incidentally, I have the same altimeter 🙂
  2. Because I'm flying an ultralight (which is for fun) I prefer simple steam gauges. Yes there is more wiring, and the modern LCD screen thingies look very handy and easily interpreted, but I want simplicity first and foremost. The exception being a navigation device I suppose but I haven't actually done my navs yet so I still enjoy just pootling around the local area 😄
  3. Yeah just giving you a hard time. I'm quite the metric advocate myself. Just been so long since I even looked at my instrument panel (it's in a cupboard right now) that I couldn't think of how the sizes worked. For sure now I think of it the smaller ones are 57 and 53. They come from Spain
  4. @skippydieselI guess your VSI is calibrated in meters per second and your ASI in kilometres per hour 😄 @RFguyI looked at that multi instrument you mentioned. I think that costs more than all my other instruments combined 😄
  5. Thankyou so much! That seems perfect! When I get home I'm going to see where it can go on the instrument panel else I just wear it instead of a watch 😎 And as a bonus it also does altitude so it can be a backup for my main instrument
  6. Some more diy food for thought https://www.google.com/amp/s/wildlab.org/index.php/2015/07/07/arduino-variometer/amp/ https://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/forums/threads/arduino-altimeter-airspeed-indicator.21605/
  7. [quote] I don't care that much about a VSI but if there's something tiny I'll squeeze it in somewhere 😄 [/quote] Yes radiant caught my eye early in the build but in the end it meant too many digital inputs. And they seem to have gone to ground after the tragic factory fire. So I have a mix of mechanical and digital inputs instruments. Going to check out subsonics link. Might be the go
  8. Anything smaller than 2 1/4" around? I don't care that much about a VSI but if there's something tiny I'll squeeze it in somewhere 😄 Even if someone knows of a construction article for a digital one I'd have a look.
  9. Meh, I doubt my plane will ever get off the ground so why overthink it 😃
  10. I've decided I'm not marking anything. Just gonna guess each time I need to know 😂
  11. Maybe they can split the factory into two companies so you have your choice of Rotax engines *shrugs*
  12. Certainly shows that we have a choice. Yes, I think it is UL. I know someone who has over 300 hours on his now. Pretty sure it has been handling a range of conditions just fine.
  13. Same experience s here. Six or so months without a flight. Went with an instructor. Performed terribly. Confidence shot. Have had two more flights with the instructor and I'm still not back to where I was. Pretty scary to think that legally I could have flown on my own after six months.
  14. There are a number of competitors to the Rotax 912 now. Jabiru and a Belgian company (name escapes me) to name two. Therefore there is competition and therefore pressure on Rotax to keep their pencil sharp. Buy whichever motor takes your fancy.
  15. Buddy, We are almost saying the same thing. Just that what you perceive as sinister, I perceive as just normal business. Not everything in the world is a conspiracy...
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