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    Air box hot

    I have the same setup and yes it runs hot but it doesn't affect the operation of the motor.
  2. Yes but they only balance at set revs so balance for cruise or full throttle and either will not be in balance at either revs.
  3. Hi Allan is the Rotax 100uls engine still available? Phil.
  4. Hi Rippler is the Rotax 100uls engine still available? Phil.
  5. Hi Deadstick is the Rotax 100uls 2,000hr engine still available? Phil.
  6. Hi geoffreywh is the Rotax 100uls 2,000hr engine still available? Phil.
    1. geoffreywh


      no. that went months ago
  7. Hi, I found during a carb synchronization that adjusting the idle mixture screws to the factory specs made my engine run a bit cooler. If you fly high maybe checking the idle mixture screws will sort it out. How to do this is shown on the rotax site under carb synchronization. Phil.
  8. Hi Hasse, The spring has held its shape for over 12 months so far. I don't think that the metal is soft you just reset it back into the unrested shape.. Phil.
  9. Been accepted thanks anyway.
  10. Sorry Kyle My facebook name is Philip Sims
  11. Hi Hasse, I bent my main spring in the middle with a press and took it over centre until the axels are slightly pointing down so when the plane is sitting on the wheels they are sitting straight up and down not splayed out. Phil.
  12. Hi Kyle, I tried to find the Sav club on facebook but I cant find it. Is there a specific name for it? Phil.
  13. On Win7 you have a pair of red scissors that you can use to snip a part or the whole page and then save it.Phil
  14. Hi Lyndon, Do you know the model or id for the Balwin filter that fite a rotax 100uls please? Phil.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I will see what I can find was thinking of an old motorcycle carby float and cutting it down.
  16. Hi Lyndon, I had a leaking oil seal on my rotax uls 100 hp 0il filter housing and used a brigs and stratton oil filter to get home, worked ok and changed back to a rotax filter when I got home. Worked for me. Phil
  17. Hi jaba-who, I have a sav and I was thinking of putting some floating balls in my fuel level sight tubes for easier fuel level sighting but could not find any to use. Do you know where I can get some from please? Phil
  18. Thanks David Looks I am booking that weekend off and will be there. Might catchup with some new friends down that way. Phil.
  19. Haven't heard of this one can anyone enlighten me please? Phil.
  20. Pitty about your house but keep dreaming it will happen with a little help from friends.
  21. Hi, new to this site but hope to spend more time here if not flying. Phil.
  22. Flying?????????? Sometimes.
  23. Flying?????????? Sometimes.
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