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  1. I never said the system is not the best answer to the problem of rust. I said: I'm not sure the spay of oil in the cylinders at shutdown with a hand pump is the best solution to the rust problem. ( It maybe ) The system may look quite elegantly engineered. Is spraying oil every time really the best thing to do to a engine If notches in the top of the pistons is a bandage. Then maybe this is the same for the rusting problem ( maybe not ) As I said I will talk to Camit before I make my final choice I have to say I am liking what I see with the D-motor Joe D
  2. I think van did a good job with the design of all their Aircraft. I have a engineering background and get pleasure designing and building. Let's face the fact that as a builder you will spend a lot more time building then flying in most cases. My 12 is a EAB Aircraft for a reason ( I don't want a cookie cutter aircraft ) And let me assure you it has nothing to do with money. My aircraft has flush rivets, electric flaps , electric canopy lock and lift, parking breaks, all Garmin panel, fuel tanks in the wings, heated pitot with AOA, two side rear windows, rudder trim, additional seat adjustments, different rudder pedals, removable cross member at seat back, different tail cone door, battery in tail cone and a 100HP +Engine to be named later. As a designer I don't Like A engine with a Gear Box. I don't want to start a debit about this, the vibration between a 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder is clear and 5 minutes of 100 HP is not enough. My aircraft will weigh about 30 lbs more + or - I need the HP Thanks Joe D
  3. QUOTE="facthunter, post: 493670, member: 134"]. If we are going to get answers we need to stop loyalties and stick to real facts. Let's get the emotive exaggerations out of this argument. Its' been a constant enemy of progress. Nev I agree. The two companions attacking each other is not a good thing. Sounds alot like how the politicians talk ( Only telling what the other is doing wrong ) I sure that both companies want to solve their problems. I would like to see how each company address each problem. This is now hurting both companies. Buying a engine from either company at this time may not be wise. I am now considering the UL and D-motor and the 0200D Engines in case Jabiru don't get the 3310 in production and test It. I will also look at the Camit engine if they can show that the new version of their engine ( it would be nice if they would give a new identity ) has solved all the problems I'm not sure the spay of oil in the cylinders at shutdown with a hand pump is the best solution to the rust problem. My View Joe D
  4. You are right, however at the time I sent the email I did not know the right questions to ask. There email said that they would have a US distributor by Oshkosh. I talked to Pete from Jabiru at SunNfun and got his view on both engines, of course in his view the Jabiru is the best choice and they have solved all their problems. I'm sure when I talk to the US distributor for Camit the response will be the Camit Engine is the best choice and they have solved all their problems. This forum has been great to help get additional views on these engine ( thanks to all who replied ) Some points that may or may not matter. Camit Solid lifters should add more HP Oil injection system is needed if you can't get to the airport weekly Jabiru Roller cam allows for steeper ramps should add more HP. Nikasil Cylinders should stop the rust problem. Recessed pistons to prevent major engine damage if a valve doesn't close fast enough. Both Companies believe they solved the problems with the thru bolt, valve geometry and the flywheel bolts. I think the fallout between these two companies is not a good thing, two heads are better than one. I am concerned with who will be making the parts for Jabiru. My view Thanks All Joe D
  5. Are the roller flowers solid lifters. Joe D
  6. I just read that article and I don't understand what it has to do with Nikasil These light weight Engines are driving me nuts. I wish the FAA would get some sense and change the light sport weight to 1450Lbs, so we could use a real aircraft engine
  7. I sent a email to Camit and they said that they should have a dealer in the US by Oshkosh. The 3300 engine that Jabiru sells is made by Camit ( or some of the parts are made by Camit ) I am still confused by this arrangement. ( Chicken or Egg ) As I sated earlier ( They don't have a roller cam or notches in there pistons for valve relief or Nikasil Cylinders ) and ( The cylinder corrosion is a big issue to me, if I can't make it to the airport for some reason I don't want to be worrying about the cylinders rusting. ) I would like to talk to some from Camit to see how they address these Items. And what makes there engine any better than the Jabiru 3300 and the jab 3310 If it ever gets built. If some form Camit wants to contact me they have my Email address that I sent them last week I will send it again today Thanks Again Joe D
  8. Thanks All for your info It seems that if I go with a Jabiru or CAMit it will be some time before I will be able to buy a engine. The cylinder corrosion is a big issue to me, if I can't make it to the airport for some reason I don't want to be worrying about the cylinders rusting. Taking time to prep the engine every time I leave the airport, in case I can't get back within a week or two isn't a solution I can live with. If the new Jabiru parts don't interchange with the 2200 and 3300 engines, why would anyone buy these if they may be replaced with the 2210 and 3310 Engines. It seems to me that Jabiru needs to put there effort in high gear a get more test engines in some aircraft. Maybe the lack of information from Jabiru is so they can keep selling the old engines until they get their act together My View I prefer to use a Jabiru 3310 in my RV12, if it is available by the end of this year. Again Thanks all for your comments Joe D
  9. I sent a email to Camit They have no distributor in the USA at this time. They said they should have one by Oshkosh. They don't have a roller cam or notches in there pistons for valve relief or Nikasil Cylinders. Isn't the same as the old 3300 Jab Or am missing something. Getting info on these Engines is like pulling teeth I would really like more info on the 2210 and 3310 and the Camit Engines. Thanks Joe D
  10. Is there any one that is flying behind a D-motor and can compare it to the Rotax, UL, or Jabiru. I am building a RV12 and need a engine by the end of this year. Any help will be appreciated. Joe D
  11. Does any know if these parts will fit the current engines and if they think they will be available this year. I am building a RV12 and will need a engine by the end of this year and the 3310 looks promising. I already have the firewall forward kit for the 3300 and on hold waiting for Jabiru to get it in gear. ( Eventually ) Wishful thinking. Joe D
  12. I live in Florida now, I also have a home near the Winchester Airport. The plan is to move to Winchester TN when I finish the Aircraft. Does anyone have any thoughts about the D-Motor or UL I will be ready for a Engine before the end of this year I do not want a engine with a gear box. If I could solve the W&B I would use a real Aircraft engine Continental O-200 or the Lycoming 233. Jabiru may take to long to solve there problems Thanks all for your comments Joe D
  13. Ok Thanks for the Camit information. In my view the Rotax engine is over priced I would rather put the money in the panel. The Jabiru may not be the best choice. The light sport weight of 1320 lbs makes this difficult and unsafe. Continental spent a lot of money to cut 20lbs off the 0200. Cutting weight out of the Aircraft is also not a good idea. If the light sport weight was about 1450 lbs we could put a safe engine in out aircraft, not a Jabiru or a chain saw engine. There's a difference in saving money and wasting money. I may have over reacted to the money comment. Also your resale comment may or may not be true. The fact is I will have a lot more money in my 12 then the standard RV12 However I will have the aircraft I want. Sorry for my reaction to your comments. Joe D
  14. It works with the battery in the tail.
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