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  1. Thanks Guys. I thought that was probably the case. I have completed the emp kit of an RV-9, but I'm looking for something I can complete in 6-12 months for the same amount of time I'm currently spending. The RV will be put on hold for now. And Kevin, I'm in the same boat as you I just need to sell the house.
  2. John and other Sierra builders How accurate do you think the 400 hours build time listed by Gary really is. Do you have a completed kit built Sierra? How long did it take you to build? Cheers Damian
  3. Looks great John! I'm still tossing up whether to build the Sierra and the Zenith CH650, but I do like the idea of supporting Australian businesses.
  4. John, looks like it's coming along nicely. I've been following Viking Engines for a few months now and will be interested to see how the first few installations go. Cheers Damian
  5. Hi John, How are those pictures coming along. Also, did you make a final decision on the Viking engine? Will Jan be making and engine mount/colwing for you, or would it be something you'd have to fabricate yourself? Cheers Damian
  6. I agree, it would be great to have some good quality video's on YouTube of Morgan Aeroworks aircraft. I'd be happy to do some video editing of (I have some skill) Gary's DVD for YouTube, if I could get my hands on one of them. I might have to give Gary a call :D
  7. Maybe someone could put in on YouTube, with Gary's permission of course? How long is it?
  8. DPW

    Savannah S

    Howdy Everyone I'm currently researching the Savannah as the aircraft kit for me and was wondering about the newly launched Savannah S ICP Are we likely to see it in Oz anytime soon? Are kits available to order yet? Is it likely to be similarly priced to the XL VG? Cheers Damian
  9. Hey SBF What are you charging for the SD card only option? Cheers Damo
  10. Thanks Guys. I am watching a few GPS's on ebay, including a Mio 300 for $100, so I should have something to play with soon. :D Slarti: Thanks for the link, I always forget about Grays. Cheers Damian
  11. Hi Guys About to purchase a GPS that I can do Slarti's aviation conversion on. What GPS' are most recommended? Are the Mio's the best option, or are the eBay 7" cheapies OK as well? Cheers Damian
  12. It is a beginning and sounds like a very good start. Do you know where I would find more info, committe members, etc? Cheers Damian
  13. I missed this due to work commitments. Did anyone go? What was the outcome?
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