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  1. The 212 solo looks good. I'll keep an eye out for your ad, good to hear.
  2. Most oil company's do a race fuel, Shell sell a fuel called race 100. It works out about .20c to .30c a litre dearer them mogas.
  3. CASA Discussion paper 1006AS closing date for comments, has been extended to the 14 December.
  4. Casa Discussion paper 1006AS closing date for comments, has been extended to the 14 December.
  5. Has anyone looked at the CASA discussion paper lately, I just checked and what I have just read is completely different to what was up there the other day.
  6. US road standards OK. But I was referring to Australian design rule which would mean a lot more red tape, allot more them CASA could dream of.
  7. It would have to meet ADR standards, which would double the cost to be road legal.
  8. I just read the regs. The only part were you could be tested out side of air-side at a certified or registered aerodrome if. (calculation of position of freight. baggage, passengers and fuel on aircraft.)
  9. DKM1

    Brumby A/C

    Brumby The landing gear on the Brumby is quite adequate from what I have seen and is one of the few Raa aircraft with a eleo nose leg.
  10. DKM1

    Brumby A/C

    Here are some pictures,I took a heap of then when I was at the factory I'm hoping to build one. Well it,s a plan
  11. DKM1

    Brumby A/C

    Just a note the Brumby's are all aluminium it's the high wing version that has a chromemoly tube fuselage
  12. DKM1

    Brumby A/C

    Had a fly in a Brumby back in June very nice couldn't pick any faults with it.The guys at the factory are very helpful, you can also buy a quick build kit or you can buy it in stages.
  13. Hi Bill We supply to Fonterra and yes at least the weather is on our side at the moment, well hope it stays that way. Haven't been flying for a while, but it is a great outlet to just switch off relax and focus on being airborne:thumb_up: Regards Daniel P.S hope your have good season
  14. Hi how many members are dairy farmers out their. Got my first milk cheque for the season yesterday and got a hole $0.23 cents a litre after the factory take out their cut. At this rate I'll never get a new set of wings are eat. Daniel
  15. The Rans S9 and S10 are used for aero's and already fit the Raa reg's apart aerobatics of course
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