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  1. The crosswind didn't eventuate so I got some solo circuits this arvo. The best part was watching the QLink on final (next door) as I was downwind. Also not being used to circuit traffic, when someone was joining downwind (while I was on the go part of a touch and go), I just climbed to circuit height on upwind before turning crosswind. There he was, on base as I turned on to downwind. These GA aircraft are really fast... That still scares me a bit trying to find traffic... Just have to trust that nice man in the tower I guess. Learned to slow down even more in the C172 on final. That's six solo landings in it now. They are very forgiving. An enjoyable afternoon!
  2. First solo (for a second time) today. This time at a GA school in a C172.
  3. They all meet the standard. I bought GME few years back. I'm up for a replacement soon and await recommendations also. I've never used it!
  4. Didn't have to login again so the credentials in the cookies are still valid after your refresh? How ever you've got that configured? Make sure there isn't another admin account still logged in!
  5. I recommend starting with RAAus. Plenty of flying you can learn before dealing with more complex procedures. I've personally just started the PPL after doing an RAAus certificate. RAAus is cheaper and dare I say more fun!
  6. Is the rego 24-xxxx or VH-xxx. First is RAAus. Second is RPL. That aircraft is light enough for either route. It would be the same without the CTA (controlled airspace) endorsement. Otherwise should be no different as everyone is entitled to convert an RAAus to an RPL. At this stage of your training it makes no difference except for which paperwork costs you get hit with.
  7. They are different things but are the same curriculum with slightly different privileges. Very soon it is hoped that the privileges will be the same. What aircraft have you trained in? Oh, the RPL has a few extra paperwork costs!
  8. Does the prius drive the wheels directly from the petrol engine when running or does it only operate as an electric generator?
  9. Always wondered why we couldn't have electric engines, with all their advantages, with a generator powering it along with say 30 minutes of battery power (reserves). Would be great in a car too with stop\start running off battery and highway the gen kicks in.
  10. The instructor is pilot in command. You don't require anything until solo. Then you are PIC!
  11. Plane forced to make emergency landing in Nanneella Reports everyone OK.
  12. I am not a natural. Just enjoy the training for its intrinsic fun! It's like anything, difficult at the start but then it clicks. My father went solo in similar time (only a little longer but don't have his log book near me) and he's 70!
  13. One lesson each fortnight saw me solo after 23 hours. Then 5 solo hours, a couple of dual refreshers and the certificate (similar to RPL) in 30.7 hours. I enjoyed taking a year to get the certificate.
  14. Just starting a PPL after getting the RAAus certificate I'm not sure if Jabiru's are harder to fly or not. Inertia I have discovered does make some things easier but I also miss the light controls of the Jabiru... I think flying both is the way to go!
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