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  1. Riley

    Lightwing GR912s Specifications

    Doug. that radial-engined 912 GA55 is no more. About 5 years ago after only about 17 hours logged from commissioning with the radial, it fell on it's nose on take-off and was written off. I bought the wreck for the engine (subsequently zero-timed by Rotec and now powering a Fisher Celebrity bi-plane) and still have the remainder of the dis-assembled Lightwing in my hangar. I'll never get around to rebuilding it but it's too good to part out so I keep tripping over and cursing it.
  2. Any gurus out there who have used (or know of an instance where) a Suzuki G10T turboed car engine that's been converted for experimental Cat 19 RAA aircraft use? Apparently the ICP Savannah VG was/is offered with that power-plant option from the factory. Wanting to establish if it could suit a Pietenpol. Any leads would be gratefully received. Tks n rgds.
  3. Anybody have or know of a Hirth G40-264 Reduction Gearbox that's unemployed? Alternatively, can anyone advise the contact details of the recently assigned Hirth agent in Oz?
  4. Riley

    canadian sabre's

    A very interesting watch FT. Wish they had specified the dating of the report. By the hair styles and the flared trousers I'd guess early/mid 70's?
  5. Riley

    Old Grasshopper problem

    Get those fat tyres off it and skinny down to yer daks and you stand a good chance of getting it into (but not out of) ground effect.:cheezy grin:Well done Flyer - good to see it looking like an aircraft again. cheers
  6. Riley

    Inline fuel filter

    Whitworths Marine & Leisure (www.whitworths.com.au) sell both the in-line filters (brand??) and 'pack-of-three' replacement filters. Go to their on-line catalogue to ensure that what they have is what you want.
  7. Riley

    Crush plate required.

    Crush plate in the post to you this morning. cheers
  8. Riley

    Crush plate required.

    Doug, have been busier than two cut cats over the Easter break and am heading for the bush this morn so will get the crush plate in the mail to you on Monday next. cheers
  9. Riley

    Crush plate required.

    Found the crush plate but don't have an 'A' box to compare flange specs. Plate dimensions are: PCD of 6ea X 9mm ID bolt holes is 37.5mm and PCD for 6ea X 6.7mm is the same. Od of crush plate is 100mm. I'd reckon the g/box prop flange will be the same for 447 thr 503 range but will await your confirmation that this one will fit before putting it in a postal bag. Send us your mailing address with your confirmation/denial. cheers bob
  10. Riley

    Crush plate required.

    I'm pretty sure I'll have a spare R503 crush plate up at the hangar but won't be on site till the w/end. Will check with you then and if I have and you still need I'll get in the post to you. cheers
  11. Riley

    New Here, Please Help!

    jasmreid. With your suggestion that he write on the ice with snow in the northern hemisphere in early March, you obviously have no idea of snow/ice conditions in Michigan in late winter. The ice will be three foot thick and the snow even deeper! I suggest Sandeky5 and his girlfriend live in sin for now and he formally proposes when the wheat crops are in full bloom.
  12. The miscreant was identified in the article as the 'leading hand' of the crew. So if this was a case of lack of training, him being the leading hand, what does that say for the efficiency/effectiveness of the rest of the crew? At some time in our work lives, we have all done something totally inexplicable which, had it broken another way, could have had horrid results. I'd reckon this guy just had a temporary brain fade which he'll pay for for the rest of his working career (if he has one with Jetstar). Each and every work accessory fastened to one wrist/arm????? I don't think so.
  13. You managed to sell your ex-wife?? My experience was the exact opposite. At the time, I would have been more than happy to turn her into a cash cow rather than just a great-expense single cow.
  14. Riley

    Favourite aviation books

    Very definately. Some of the original design/production staff of the Thruster were participants in these forums some years back. I believe I'm correct in stating that, post-Horscot report, the Thruster Gemini was the first AUF training aircraft to be certified by CASA, closely followed by the Drifter. Farri, help me on this.
  15. Riley

    582 Blue making an odd tinny noise

    Be advised that my solicitor and the bailiff will be in contact with you directly (however, I am prepared to share much of your beer with them to have the theft charges dropped). Good news on the problem resolution but I still reckon a set of ear plugs would have been cheaper.