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  1. Its not that the younger generation aren't interested its that we can't afford it anymore. Also if your on facebook search for a group called "bush flyers down under" run by Tim Howes he knows Trent Palmer and is trying to bring interest to that type of flying in Aus. Also i know of a few clubs around south east Queensland that have a flyin once in a while that includes things like poker runs, spot landings, nav exercises etc but they dont happen too often.
  2. I currently hold a GFPT and want to convert it to an RPL which apparently i have until the 31st of August to do, however i also hold an RPC with tailwheel and navigation endorsements and i would like both of those endorsements to carry over to my RPL. What is the best way to go about this? I think if i convert GFPT to RPL it is just a simple form to fill out and am also able to transfer my tailwheel endorsement with that form but dont think i can transfer my navigation endorsement and not sure if im able to transfer nav endoresment later on after i already have RPL. Another option is con
  3. Can you provide a link to these screw in pegs or know the brand name?
  4. I dont see any reason why anybody would go through the effort to make this in photoshop. It is well within the capabilities of both aircraft and i have no doubt that it would be real.
  5. Haha Red750 it was your baron pics in my silly pictures thread that gave me the idea to start this one.
  6. Starting this thread as i see a need for somewhere to post all those cool aviation pictures. Ill get things started.
  7. Is there a version for android? I cant find it in the google play store.
  8. Haha yeah i know of a property about 20nm north of dingo that would be happy to give you some fuel if you need it. Yeah its a shame there isn't more fuel options around St Lawrence area it really makes it hard. Maybe you could get Scott to meet you at St Lawrence with a couple of jerry cans.
  9. Wayne how did you get the parasol down from lakeside? I bought the GT500 down the inland route via dingo, thangool, gayndah due to lack of fuel along the coast.
  10. Yes your GA licence counts toward your raa certificate. You only have to do a minimum of 5 hours to convert to raa.
  11. Just an update. Brake system flushed, refilled, bled and everything working as it should. The oil can was great for filling the system however due to the low flow rate was unable to push some of the bubbles out towards the top of the system around the park brake valve and master cylinder, instead i found it worked better to bleed the system the conventional way from the top down as i could pump the master cylinder rapidly to force the air bubbles down the lines. Thanks Leigh.
  12. Nice and cheap and looks like it will do the job might give this a go thanks.
  13. Thats exactly what im planning on doing just wasn't sure if there was a trick to getting all the old fluid out. Anyone have any idea where to buy syringes and appropriately sized tubing? I had a quick look in supercheap today but couldn't find anything.
  14. All good guys i got the proper stuff from asap spares at caboolture. Now does anyone have any tips for flushing the brake system? Thanks Leigh.
  15. Im going to replace the fluid in my matco brake system. The manufacturer recomends mil-h-5606 hydraulic mineral oil, im not sure where to get that and i dont have time to wait to get it posted to me as i need to do it by next weekend. It doesn't need to be military or aircraft grade i just need something i can buy off the shelf at supercheap auto or somewhere. I have read that some people use auto trans fluid or power steering fluid, what does everyone else use and can someone point me to a specific product i can use safely in my matco brake system? Thanks Leigh.
  16. Theyre buried at Remondis (formerly Thiess) at Swanbank just outside ipswich.
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