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  1. Hi Gents, A NZ Drifter Pilot, Kelly Martin is after some spare parts, original engine mounts for the Rotax upright 582. A contact for a supplier appreciated that I will forward on. Cheers Rod Birrell AirSports Flying School (Victoria) [email protected]
  2. If you want to put quality and reliability ahead of price, with good support, local service and factory guarantee (Melbourne), consider the ICOM A220 panel mount. Includes excellent dual com feature. See Icom Australia | Everything in Radio: Air Band | IC-A220
  3. Also a question, the privately run aviation weather decode site has been down for some time, it was at http://www.pemet.com.au, any advice as to its status? Where is it now ?
  4. Looks like a change occurred : "Head to www.bom.gov.au/GAF/index.shtml" Reply "BOM : Bureau Home > Page not found" One link currently working is at: Graphical Area Forecasts
  5. Sorry, typo, posting at the back of the clock always a problem .....
  6. BOM site user guide for Graphical Area Forecasts http://www.bom.gov.au/aviation/data/education/GAF-user-guide-V1_final_15SEPT2017.pdf For an easy to use overview for flight plan winds, see Windy TV .com see Windy as forecasted zoom in for more detail, all the way to an airfield location. It will also display wind forecasts for specific nominated heights - worth looking at as an added information aid. Roid Birrell
  7. As another option Airsports Flying School at Riddells Creek has a Storch available for $165 for local flights. Of course there is an expectation that renting pilots are current, capable and reliable. The Topaz for $220 solo is also available (although not very often due to its training role.) See www.airsports.net. Syndicate purchase is also available at most recreational airfields around Melbourne. Typical running costs of $45 per hour a lot more affordable!! Rod, Airsports
  8. Cameras at high points on transit lanes worth extra consideration in survey, as an example MtWilliam north of Melbourne, 'seeing' the actual cloud base and wind in real time would be a great advantage along high use lanes.
  9. A little off topic however a 'permit to fly' is available on application to fly to a point of repair. With conditions of course. This can be completed directly with approved CASA/RAAus officers, contact the RAAus Tech Department for specific advice.
  10. A positive function of the Rec Flying Forum are the down to earth views that are given. Sometime the advice is on the harsh side, the anonymous nature of posts can be a problem, however most contributors are fair and frank. The RAAus Board is continuously looking at its various business functions and Sport Pilot magazine is no different. Current REC/Forum views on Sport Pilot Magazine and the future direction it should take would be appreciated - to be forwarded to the RAAus Board. Rod Birrell
  11. ICOM Australia aviation radio dealers sell an ICOM factory cig lighter lead with noise filter (and fuse) designed for the ICOM A20. Some may have units 'on the shelf'. If you want one I have a couple available (we used them on our Drifters at the flying school), on the members market, new but old stock (no Drifters anymore).
  12. Agree, well presented case. The goal here, to encourage the culture change needed within RAA - a difficult mission! Rod Birrell
  13. The problem is that no robust documented safety case was presented to prove multiple compulsory homebuilt aircraft stage inspections were necessary. RAA's serious accidents do not show this area of our operations is a problem. A cost benefit analysis would also have been a good idea with regard to the new rule changes. No one doubts advisory, non compulsory, regular, competent, peer advice is recommended with any homebuilt project. In the same way that the SAAA and the EAA work with their homebuilt projects. Multiple compulsory inspections, that are likely to come with legal liability proble
  14. When I started on the board, I was critical of some decisions made by previous boards. These included giving every board member a free ASIC, paying for board members’ partners to fly-in to meetings and accommodating them at members expense and having an open bar for the board after meetings. SportPilot October 2016 The above comments really should not go unanswered. Every RAAus Board member did not receive a free ASIC card - and that is a fact. It was made available on request. I expect most Board members did not apply for a ‘free’ card (including myself when a Board member). Those that did
  15. Just for the record the current RAA Tech Manual was initially produced as a confidential 'secret document'. Requests to release the manual in the same way as CASA, as a NPRM (Notice of proposed rule making), were refused and the new Tech Manual regulations have been implemented. Other than a select group of persons this manual was not seen by RAA members in advance of its introduction. Not an ideal result for RAA sport aircraft pilots, builders and maintainers. Having as wide a group as possible view proposed rule changes always ensures a better end result. My view, is that this is what shou
  16. It is interesting that those current RAAus board members calling for a more business focus for the Board (and there is nothing wrong with that) are the same ones that have advocated RAAus continuing to operate at a loss. This is not a good business practice and not sustainable. We are not talking thousands of dollars, its a hundred thousands dollars plus, year after year. The current budget also plans to operate at a loss. On the aircraft registration compliance issue this matter is and was managed by RAAus Managers, the RAAus Tech Manager with oversight by the CEO. The reports the Board wer
  17. Just for the record it was proposed that the new Tech Manual be presented to RAAus Members in the same way as a notice of proposed rule making would be by CASA. Unfortunately this proposal did not achieve majority support within RAAus. As a result a new TM has been implemented without member consultation. What can anyone do about this now? A new RAAus Board will be elected soon. Please take the time, write to all RAAus Board members individually, and state the policy concerns you have. Be logical, be factual and itemise items if you can to ensure the best result. How successfully will thi
  18. Like most NQ pilots I have come across Frank had a passion for flying that you could only admire. I had the pleasure of some 'off work' time when Frank guided me around the Hinkler Museum when we met in Bundaberg after the RAAus CFI seminar. Frank was generous with his time, he worked hard for RAAus pilots while on the RAAus Board and well represented pilots views while he held that position. Really pleased the time was put aside for this memorial event.
  19. The important thing here is that the Constitution Change was put to RAAus members as a change that had the full support of the Board, and it didn't. If good Board governance is anything about due process then this action probably represents the single biggest failure of good corporate governance in our organisations history. RAAus members also expected an open discussion on the merits or otherwise of such a significant change in Sport Pilot, this did not occur and was not allowed to occur. The presentation of the new constitution was very well stage managed and yet the end result, my view, wa
  20. Personally I would have preferred the Members Market to have remained as an 'in house' service to members. Many RAAus pilots have said the me the first thing they would do when receiving their hard copy of Sport Pilot was to read from the back first to check out the Members Market. Now the majority of our members do not receive the printed magazine and from the feedback I have received, a significantly reduced number read the electronic version. Having RAAus take back the on-line presentation of the MM is something I would support. Of course I can only represent my views, any decision on thi
  21. It is important to note here that the new RAAus Constitution was presented to RAAus members for their consideration, by the Board without the Board signing off on the document. No vote was taken by the Board. No vote was taken at a face to face Board meeting, and no poll was taken via the RAAus Board forum, the official means of correspondence for Board discussion and voting for periods between face to face Board meetings (either at or after the documents signed by the President were sent to RAAus members). In advance RAAus members were told the new constitution had the full support o
  22. Hello Sue, On Finances, the biggest single outgoing was the IT/Website upgrade as a one off. It was a necessary expense. The ongoing costs are primarily wages, RAAus has reduced its administrative staff at the lower cost level as a result of IT efficiencies however it has employed more staff at a middle management level. We also have a notable budget allocation going forwards for marketing costs. The settlement of legal costs was significant however at this stage it is not an ongoing problem for RAAus. Magazine sales have been poor with members not taking up the forecast number of subscripti
  23. I was until recently a current RAAus Board member and the immediate Past President of RAAus. I have been a member of the AUF/RAAus since its inception, and I have been teaching sport aviation pilots since 1972 (yes well before the AUF/RAAus was formed). My efforts and the efforts of Eugene Reid as the longest serving member of the RAAus Board, Frank Marriot the newest serving member of the RAAus Board and a good number of others on the Board have been to develop and promote RAAus pilots best interests, aircraft owners rights and those of the industry as a whole. Unfortunately our efforts ha
  24. RAAus Director Elections Link
  25. A RAAus election info update; Nominations for the RAAus Board closed recently. RAAus has received 10 nominations for the 5 positions available on the new Board. Under the new Constitution process the current Board of 13 has been 'retired' and no longer hold office with the exception of the RAAus executive (3 members). One member of the executive is standing for the current election, the previous secretary, the remaining two are exempted from standing at the current election. Four RAAus Board members from the old RAAus are renominating. Rod Birrell 'Retired' RAAus Board member
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