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  1. Done but other files still occupy 9 Gig, which is twice more than all other files combined. I did google it and found out that resetting after a backup and then reinstalling is the answer
  2. From my limited knowledge the maps and in particular Oz Runways is not the problem . Apple seems to collect files and store them and that seems to be the fault. I need some one under the age of 30 to back up files and apps reset the iPad and reinstall so that the Other files disappear
  3. I have been battling with my iPad to reduce the size of OTHER on its memory, it occupies 9 gig of my 16 gig memory any one else have this problem and if so what was the solution
  4. I just mounted my plates with silicone , it allows for flexing without cracking and the silicone rubs off when you want to remove it ,use as much or as little as you want. To date they have not ever come off . The inner cylinder baffles just drop in allowing for easy removal and refitting of plenums . Also for those ac fitted with heaters look at blocking off the heater air inlet in the summer as it dumps air in the low pressure area of the cowling, I made a simple nylon plug fitted with an O ring and inserted it into the hole in the cowling . I have also blocked off the two holes allowing air to bleed into crank case past the barrels at the front of plenum chambers. Like I said still the same axe
  5. I have just looked at my knife sharpener with a high speed steel blade looks like it might do the trick
  6. Thanks for the update. I had ordered my dremel grinding burs some days ago and will use them with the routing attachment to achieve the taper I want . Do you think we could have some pictures of under the cowl and of the fin mod. Do you think the fin mod was responsible for very much of your cooling success ?
  7. Bares out what I found on the 230. One side on the 230 is more closed (pilots side) and number 6 is the originally monitored temp, when I opened up the plenum it immediately cooled. I to fitted ramps to the front openings and this helps . My engine cooling system is now a bit like grandpas axe had two new handles and a new head but it’s still the same axe. GREAT STUFF fellas keep it going
  8. I have done the same to the heads but cannot find pictures.
  9. Pictures of my drop in cylinder baffles. Last picture is of my cowl lip
  10. Spotted this unusual cooling mod done to a (I think) Extra aerobatic aircraft, at Oshkosh had something todo with cooling but couldn’t find someone to explain it
  11. I suspect but I can only find limited information on the subject, that the shape of the head cooling fins tapering from the base to the outer edge has a real effect on CHT. A mates 230 has rounded ends on his cylinder head fins and his motor cooled better than mine with out some of my mods ,and better after I made some mods to his. There is a real difference when comparing his heads to mine. When I get the chance I will modify the hottest head on mine and see if it has any effect. All aircooled motors that I have looked at (funny how you notice these things when you really look) have rounded ends to the fins. I have questioned Jab about this bit cannot get any definitive answers
  12. In order to get my cht temps down on the 230 I discovered that closing up the air gaps only raised temps and in my case allowing the air to pass through the plenums by opening up the rear cylinders plenum ,allowed air to flow to the rear and by default cool the other cylinders. Also closing the large gap between the rocker covers with a plate making the travel down through the fins rather than sideways helped. I made plates that drop down between the cylinders on the crankcase side again making air drop through fins again carrying away heat and making the fins work to max efficiency, filling in the under barrel with butterfly deflectors reduces the volume of air that can carry away heat, it will however even out your temps raising cool ones . The exit ramp and opening size on my 230 were too small, modifying the ramp and increasing the opening size helped. It is indeed a black art
  13. Many hrs of tinkering gone into getting it like this
  14. Very interesting following your progress, and the question you get sick of answering when does it fly?.
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