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  1. Time Left: 10 days and 3 minutes

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    Looking for unfinished kit project. Price Negotiable


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Photo is a very loose guide. Cheap Aircraft Wanted. Non death trap preferred. Fibreglass OK. Aluminium OK. 4130 OK. Anything Considered. Price negotiable. Thanks 😊


    - AU

  3. Shortfielder


  4. I agree that the test pilot for an increase in VNE should have 10,000 hours. My main concern was the potential marketing of an unproven quantity to less skilled pilots who could end up beyond Va or Vno with limited options at high velocity where egress from the cockpit would be preferable to airframe failure. Hopefully you can improve upon the statistics of Lancair and similar fast E-AB through exhaustive testing and pilot training.
  5. Hopefully everyone involved is smart enough not to push the safety envelope to the point where this occurs : "DURING an air race in South Africa. An airplane was descending toward a turn point in a valley when the pilot of a following airplane saw what appeared to be paper scattering behind it. An instant later, a shattered wing separated from the fuselage, falling to earth a hundred yards from the main wreckage. The airplane was a Czech-built Aveko VL-3 Sprint, an NTCA (non-type-certificated aircraft) that bills itself as the WORLDS' FASTEST ULTRALIGHT." Stay Alive - by flying an aircraft which can safely fly at the speed you require. Certified planes are usually dive tested to about 1.2 x VNE. Is 240 Kts nose down in a Lightning XS wise ?
  6. Is an ejector seat available for the new temporary Australian model with the turbo so we can parachute to safety when our 250 mph LSA decides that our VNE has exceeded our IQ ?
  7. Any STOL planes for sale in Qld at the moment...I would expect this to be gone or in need of serious help by now ?! Thanks.
  8. The Jabiru 5100 from the RV is for sale on the gumbo tree for $12,800 with some type of composite prop. It has run only 38 hours in 10 years !!! Deal or no deal...target drone for the professionals at Amberley or ideal homebuilt power plant?
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